Happy birthday, Matt Damon

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Happy birthday, Matt Damon: When Ben Affleck happily sneaks the actors into the performance of the enemy Jimmy Kimmel

On the 50th anniversary of Matt Damon’s birthday, we can go back four years ago when Ben Affleck sneaked the birthday boy into his nemesis Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel’s talk show, and arrived as expected. Watch the interesting interview below.

Matt Damon is a group of underestimated talented actors, whose film works, are very rich. Whether it’s a major breakthrough in the Bourne franchise, or making us uneasy about his exciting performances in classic movies such as “Good Will Hunting” and “The Martian”, Dimon is indeed a Excellent performer. Another rare quality of a handsome actor is his comedy timed IRL.

Need proof?

 He competed with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in frenzied, frantic years. The two started joking, because Jimmy would always knock Matt off Jimmy Kimmel Live’s guest list because of “time running out”.

In addition, Damon will pretend to actually live in the basement of Jimmy Kimmel Live and wait for his turn to be on the talk show.

Over the years, we have seen this competition lead to some very interesting market segments, but the most important segment is probably the best Ben Affleck interview in 2016.

Around the time Ben played Batman in the Justice League, when he appeared on the talk show, the 48-year-old actor seemed to be more than originally thought. Secretly wearing an oversized coat, Kimmel was curious and didn’t know what was under the coat.

Affleck laughed at how Jimmy disguised his body and performed the performance on stage, especially when the jacket was moving.

 Jimmy released the button of the jacket and broadcast to the studio. The applause of the audience showed him the hidden Matt Damon.

An angry Kimmel directed the camera to focus only on him and Ben, while the latter tried to hide his laughter and tried to become the mediator between the two.

In addition, because Jimmy’s trusted companion Guillermo unceremoniously kicked him out of the game, Matt finally sat on Jimmy’s sofa in ecstasy.

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But before the talk show host makes a joke, how can he arrest his best friend for trespassing others?

Kimmel and Affleck then began to laugh at Damon because the latter laughed at how he vividly carried his best friend on his shoulders over the years. When Jimmy mentioned that they won the 1998 Epic Good Will Hunting screenplay, he jokingly asked whether Ben had written the script for this iconic 1997 movie, and Ma Matt is just typing.

Affleck also recalled how in the Oscar speech Damon first pushed him to start speaking so that he could think about the impromptu speech for himself, and a frustrated book thanked Boston nine times.

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