Happy birthday, Mr. President

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His mother called him Joey

The world calls him POTUS

He is a family man, a person with principles, compassion, honor, and dignity. He is for the people and the people are for him. A person who knows grief and loss, but another person who knows resilience, hope, and victory, this is where he wants to lead America forward.

Democratic leader Joe Biden, who was elected 46th president, celebrated his 78th birthday today. Biden defeated Republican candidate Donald Trump in the recently concluded presidential election. Biden will occupy the most powerful position in the world next year.

Joe Biden swore today in on January 20, becoming the 46th President of the United States, only two months away from today. Biden will become the oldest president of the United States. Previously, the record was named after Ronald Reagan (77). The current president Donald Trump is 4 years younger than Biden is. Biden’s team released his medical history last year, and he said that even after this age, he is very suitable for commanding the United States.

He gave his services in Washington before

Biden has been in Washington for five years and is a well-known face among the American public. He served as Vice President twice during the tenure of President Barack Obama. As a senator from Delaware for nearly three decades, he has been a champion of strengthening India-US relations during his eight years in the Obama administration. Biden also helped pass the India-US nuclear agreement.

Biden also has a large number of Indian Americans who have close ties with Indian politicians. Biden raised funds during the July campaign and said that Indian Americans are natural partners. Looking back at his eight-year tenure as Vice President, he talked about strengthening relations with India, and at the same time said that India-US relations will continue to be his top priority if elected president.

He was the senator at the age of 29 Born in Pennsylvania in 1942, Joe Biden Robinette Jr. attended the University of Delaware, and then in 1968, Biden was first elected to the Delaware Senator in 1972 and served six times with a law degree. Biden became a senator at the age of 29. He is the youngest senator to become a leader.

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