Harriet Tubman isn’t on the 20 $ bill yet?

Helen Dunmore
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harriet tubman 20 $ bill

President Donald Trump signed an order:

President Trump signed executive orders to protect monuments, memorials, and statues. On the one side, he is saying that he’s trying to save all the monuments and memorials

but why he ignores the Harriet Tubman 20 $ bill???. Harriet Tubman was a great patriot and has a wonderful history. President Trump talked about Harriet Tubman

but he didn’t mention 20 $ bill yet.

President response on Harriet Tubman 20$ bill:

In the answer to a question about the Harriet Tubman bill, he said

“ It is rough to replace a person ( Andrew Jackson) who has a wonderful history. According to Harriet Tubman bill, the design of the 20 $ will not be replaced

but adding her picture on the other side of the 20 $. This clearly describes that Andrew Jackson will not be replaced by Harriet Tubman, the great patriot lady.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Statement on Harriet Tubman 20$ bill:

US treasury secretary Mnuchin delayed the 20 $ bill of Harriet Tubman. Mnuchin said this bill treasury will be set for the future. He said the reason behind delaying bill is not anything special

instead of some technical issues. In 2016 Jack Lew said the 20 $ bill will be released in 2020,

but now this delayed and the extended year from 2020 to 2026. Muchin mentions that Mrs. Tubman will not become the face of a 20 $bill

until President Donald Trump leaves the office. Until then Mr. Andrew Jackson face will fill the pockets of American and the bank balance of American banks. Mr. Mnuchin said he is now focusing on enhancing the security features of currency and

in his list, 10$ and 50$ bills are first. After that, we will focus on the 20$ bill. Design a new made-up is a back burden.

 President Donald Trump doesn’t want to talk about this 20 $ bill. He placed Andrew Jackson Painting in the Oval Office to send a clear message

that it can’t be possible for us to implement this bill right now. So many rumors spreading in the United States, but nobody knows the valid reason behind it.

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