Harry Styles Revealed: How he Escaped Knifepoint Mugging Gang:

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Harry Styles, the full name Harry Edward Styles, worked in industry as an English singer, actor, and songwriter. He was born on February 01, 1994. He started his musical career in 2010. When he tried out as an independent music artist on the British music competition series “The X Factor, “at that moment, he was eliminated soon. But after some time, he brought back to form a band named “boy band One Direction.”. After 2016, Harry Edward Styles started to work as an independent solo music artist with “Columbia Records.“. Harry Edward Styles released his most famous song in 2017, named “Sign of the Times.”. This song topped the “UK Singles Chart,” and it peaked at the number four on the “United States Billboard Hot 100.”.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Harry Styles Threatend by a Gang:

Harry Styles revealed that on Valentine’s Day, a street gang caught him and threatened him. He said that they asked me to unlock my smartphone and give them. On “SiriusXM” Show Harry Styles said that I came from my friend’s house. When I was walking into the streets, I saw a group of some people carrying knives in their hands, hoods on their heads, and masks on their faces. I ran from the street. They followed me and crossed the street, and I was like, Oh, sh*t. I am going to be robbed by this street gang. Moreover, he said that I felt terrified when they followed me. I saw that nobody present in the street, the street gang carrying knives and me were alone in that street. 

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Harry Styles said that the gang asked me, for drugs and I said know. Then they demanded me to give them something. I had some money in my pocket, so I haul it out, and he takes it from me. What’s more, I had my earphone jack standing out of my pocket. Then he resembles, ‘What’s that connected in your pocket? As I was so horrified, I pulled out my smartphone from my pocket. I thought that my life is more important than that of any smartphone. I will purchase and a new one.

But when I gave my smartphone to one of them. They asked me to unlock it. Suddenly, one of them pulled me from my shirt and picked a knife from his pocket. Soon two cars came there, and I ran away by jumping in front of the car. I tried to stop one of them, but the driver ignored me as a criminal and did not stop. And I ran away towards my home. After some time, the gang persons stopped. 

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