Haruma Miura has died, found hanging in his house in Tokyo

Haruma Miura

Who is Haruma Miura

Japans top movie and tv actor Haruma Miura has died. He found dead at his home in Tokyo. His manager found Miura when he didn’t show up for work, he came here to check the star.

According to the news report, he was rushed toward the nearby hospital but the doctor declared him dead upon arrival. Tokyo Police are now investigating the cause of his death.

Or maybe it’s a suicide case.

Haruma Miura died at the age of 30. Miura presents his first debut in Japanese film at the age of 7 and then he appeared in the drama in 1997. He was also the co-founder of the band brash brats.

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Hiruma Miura achievements

Miura earned his first award at the Mainichi Film Awards in the year of 2009. His role in Naoko wins the heart of Japan. Miura also appeared in many Japanese drama series. He also won the Japan academy awards.

Haruma Miura movies and tv shows

he has done supporting roles in Gokusen and after that, he cast as the lead role in Bloody Monday opposite Takeru Satoh. Haruma Miura starred in Crows Zero 2, sequel of the action movie Crow Zero.

Then he directly on the lead roles and had done that with perfectionism. He also took the title role of Eren in the adaptation of Attack On Titan. Before the death of Miura, his final Instagram post encouraged fans to watch his upcoming project name Love Will Begin When Money End.

His last drama will be on air in September. And his another project name Gunjo Senki which is going to the part of our television in 2021. Police statement Miura, who was appeared in famous movies including Attack on Titan Eien no committed suicide.

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Sources said that’s the found hanging and with a suicide note. His case comes after the suicide case of professional wrestler Hana Kimura of Japan who was 22 years old and starred in Netflix and the Fuji Tv reality series.

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