Has The Vaccine of COVID-19 Has Really Been Found? Are We Going To Have A COVID-19 Free World Again?

Has the vaccine of covid-19 has been made? Does the United States find the cure? Does it really affect? Before starting anything, it is important to know what the topic is all about? What is this discussion about? Coronavirus disease 19, popularly known as COVID-19, does not need any introduction. It is a well-known virus that has influenced almost the entire world. It has declared a world pandemic.

re We Going To Have A COVID-19 Free World Again waiting for us
re We Going To Have A COVID-19 Free World Again?

Where does it come from?

 Coronavirus is the most devastating global economic and health crisis since world war II. COVID-19 is a transmittable disease that is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and could be transferred person to person with a single touch or any particle coming out of the body in the face of cough or sneeze etc. This virus was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. With the passage of time, it surrounded the entire world and became worldwide. This virus is still not cured and does not have any vaccine till today, meanwhile, this news is roaming on the internet that the USA has found the vaccine and soon they are gonna share it worldwide. It leads to social distancing, partially or fully closing of educational institutes, postponements of plans, and many other delays. 

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Is China really responsible for coronavirus?

COVID-19 was identified in the city of China, Wuhan in December 2019, for the very first time. The Chinese people have been criticized for this global disaster but in reality, it is yet not identified where this virus begins from?

What’s the reality in the news of the COVID-19 vaccine?

 COVID-19 free world is waiting for us
Is COVID-19 free world is waiting for us?

Well, the news is shared by the official account of China science. They said the vaccine for covid-19 is found and it is safe and effective. They stated that medicines made by USA drug regulators would be delivered to the world shortly. The medicine would be expectedly permitted for emergencies by the FDA.

Ivanka Trump also confirmed the news.

The news of the COVID-19 vaccine has also been approved by Ivanka Trump. She praises her father Donald Trump and the whole team involved in the formation of the COVID-19 vaccination. Donald Trump also responded to her tweet and congratulated The United States of America and the entire world. 

Are We Going to Have A COVID-19 free Planet Again?

The news of the vaccine is confirmed by many valid resources. it seems that soon we all are going to have a COVID-19 free world again. It has been almost a year since the world is fighting this pandemic with no weapons. It has taken many precious lives. 

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