HE CAME, HE DID IT AND LEFT, Diego Maradona Dies aged 60

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Diego Maradona Dies aged 60
Diego Maradona Dies aged 60

What happened to Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona passed away at the age of 60. When Diego Maradona passed away, Argentina, Naples, and the football community all mourned on Wednesday. He was 60 years old.

How did Diego Maradona die?

The source said that the cause of death was “acute secondary pulmonary edema aggravated chronic heart failure.”

What did Maradona die from?

Heart failure is a chronic disease that gradually impairs the heart’s ability to draw blood. As a result, fluid accumulates in the lungs-a condition called pulmonary edema. This widespread and increasingly serious problem can be fatal.

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Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced a three-day national mourning. He said that with his outstanding performance at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Maradona brought his country to “the highest in the world.”

Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced a three-day national mourning

He wrote

“You make us very happy.” “You are the greatest. Thank you Diego for everything, we will miss you all our lives.”

Regarded as one of the greatest players in gaming history, Maradona became a household name after inspiring his country to the glory of the 1986 World Cup.

He occupies the center stage in the game, performed well against England, and scored a landmark goal that he later called the “hand of God”.

The short striker surpassed the legendary goalkeeper Peter Shilton and hit the ball into the net. Although the handball was obvious, the goal was able to stand because the referee did not see the foul.

Later in the game, he went through the attack of seven English defenders and scored one of the best goals in history.

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His brilliant career is also known for many controversies, and his notorious lifestyle has led to alcoholism and addiction.

Maradona will make a public appearance at Casa Rosada, the presidential palace of Argentina, in a statement issued by Telam, the country’s official news agency.

Fans walked the streets of Argentina and Naples on Wednesday to pay tribute to their heroes.

At the same time, UEFA President Alexander Severin said that to commemorate Argentina, people would observe a minute of silence before all European matches this week.

Soon in the afternoon, nine ambulances arrived in Maradona, trying to save Maradona, apparently because of a heart attack. He was rescued shortly in the afternoon in a closed house on the outskirts of Tigre, north of Buenos Aires. Maradona recovered from brain surgery on November 3. Despite the successful operation, Maradona is reportedly quitting alcohol.

After announcing his death, his outstanding opponent Belly Pele paid tribute to the title of the world’s greatest player. “I have lost a good friend, and the world has lost a legend. One day, I hope we can play together in the air.” Lionel Messi is a modern master and “the most another competitor described as “Great”, he is poetic and respectful.”He left us but didn’t leave because Diego is eternal.”

Life of the pitch

When Maradona joined Naples, a newsreader said

“The poorest city in Italy buys the most expensive player in the world.”

Maradona and Boca Juniors broke into professional football but then continued to play for leading European clubs such as Barcelona and Napoli.

He won two Italian Series titles and wrote in a tweet:

 “Forever, Goodbye Diego” and a melancholy heart

When his performance on the court was dizzying and chaotic, Maradona faced many demons.

While in Italy, he encountered Camorra, the Naples mafia, and struggled with addiction. He failed a drug test in 1991 and was suspended for 15 months.

During his career, a nomadic management career brought him from Argentina to Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Recently, he coached Gimnasia y Esgrima in Argentina.

Earlier this month, Maradona successfully performed surgery for a subdural hematoma, which is often called a brain blood clot.

The reaction of the soccer world

Tribute has flooded the past and present former clubs and players to pay tribute.

Many as modern Maradona regard the compatriots of the Argentine Lionel Messi, and he described it as a “very sad day”.

Messi wrote on Instagram

“He left us, but he did not go anywhere, because Diego is eternal. I spend all the good times by his side, and I want to show all his friends and family Condolences and best wishes.”

At the same time, Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo bid farewell to the “eternal genius”.

Ronaldo wrote on Twitter,

“One of the best magicians of all time. He is an unparalleled magician. He left too early, but the legacy left is endless, a void that can never be filled. Rest in peace, Trump card. It will never be forgotten by you.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino called Maradona “very huge” and said, “He deserves our eternal gratitude.”

He said, “Our silence, our tears, and our pain are our only inner feelings at this time.”

Paris Saint-Germain and French forward Kylian Mbappé changed his Twitter picture to one of Maradona and wrote on Twitter, “You will always stay in football history. Thank you for your help. All the happiness that the world brings.”

Barcelona, ​​one of Maradona’s former clubs, also tweeted,

 “Thank you, Diego.”

Although his influence on football will never be forgotten, Maradona has surpassed the sport.

Clashes between fans and cops

Thousands of people lined up to pay tribute to the star, and frustrated fans continued to clash with the police.

Fans threw bottles and metal fences at police near Casa Rosada in the heart of Buenos Aires.

The first person to bid farewell was his daughter and close relatives. Then came the former teammates of the 1986 World Cup champion team including Oscar Ruggeri.

Nahuel de Lima was the first fan to visit. Due to his disability, he moved on crutches. At the same time, a wave of people tried to move forward and face the police, who used tear gas to contain them.

The bodyguards prevented fans from taking pictures and controlled access to the building. After they left, many fans fell apart.

Maradona’s coffin

Maradona body lies in a wooden coffin with a blue and white flag

Maradona’s body lies in a wooden coffin with a blue and white flag, and an Argentine football uniform numbered 10, which is part of his nickname “D10S”-in “Dios” (meaning in Spanish) God’s word) on the play.

Maradona fans crying

His body is currently lying in the state of the Presidential Palace of Casa Rosada, draped with the Argentine flag and his famous number. A 10-day shirt as part of the three days of mourning.

Bid farewell to Maradona

Argentines lined up in the streets of Buenos Aires on Thursday to say goodbye to football giant Diego Maradona, whose coffin lies in the state of the Casa Rosada presidential palace. Inside, draped with an Argentine flag and his famous number 10 shirts.

Maradona is Argentine’s favorite son, and his life has been damaged by the struggle of addiction. He died at the age of 60 after a heart attack at home on Wednesday. During the three-day national mourning event, many people are expected to show their respect.

After a night of mourning and memories, thousands of people have formed a stooped route on the street near the center of Mayo Square.

A large crowd gathered outside the Buenos Aires stadium where Maradona began his career. Maradona has since been renamed in his honor and set up a temporary temple to celebrate his life and career.

Maradona is not only an Argentine athlete, he is also an idol, a political figure, and of course a cute gangster. I feel deeply sad when people pay tribute to superstar Mr. Football.

However, his influence is not limited to Argentina-South Americans are proud of their football tradition, so the news resonated throughout the region.

In neighboring Brazil, their man Pelé competed for the title of the world’s best footballer, and Maradona’s death was headline news-many competitions between the two countries can be attributed to two players. It’s the passion for the great game here.

Maradona has 5 children and his ex-wife Claudia Villafane, 58, who survived, and separated from him in 2004 after 20 years of marriage. May his soul rest in peace

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