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No Game No Life season 2 is one in every of the foremost common and famous fun isekai anime with its unique art and animation. You must be thinking that the series were so popular that why it is not announcing the no game no life season 2?

If it is so popular then it must have earned profits as well? Here are our assumptions on this topic! The sole thanks to learn that while not a continuation would be to visualize out the novels, however if they launched the series right this year or even in the initial days of 2022 they will be surely took the limelight.

No Game No Life Season 2
No Game No Life Season 2

Unlike original TV series, the longer term of anime diversifications is extremely obsessed with the adaption of their supply material. When the first movie is hit they is a lot of pressure to create the second sequel and therefore many series were not created because of the reason to fail.

In fact, such comebacks are usually abandoned despite their performance or quality. However, luckily, there’s still hope for no game no life season 2 to be on aired soon. The No Game No Life was first a novel series debuted back into a movie in the month of April 2012 and has been within the run ever since. As of nowadays, a complete of 10 volumes of this novel have already been free.

No game no life anime season 2

There is a great deal of confusion associated with the content of no game no life anime consumed. 11 volumes are completed of the light novel which are now been dispatched. This would be a good opportunity if they launched the series including such volume in coming future times.

Lack of material would not be a difficulty until the anemi is renewed. So the focus should be on renewing then they can further focused of the source material for upgraded anemi. The problem is that No Game No Life Season 2 has to be confirmed since it absolutely was never formally declared, and that we don’t apprehend what the possibilities are that another season of no game no life can get green-lit.

These days, most the series adapt an existing property like manga, light novels, or maybe mobile games to spice up the supply material’s quality and sales. What percentage volumes are there, and if the story continues to be current in 2021, is important to visualize. If the story finished, there wouldn’t be a decent reason to push for one more season.

There are presently 10 lightweight novel volumes of No Game No Life free in Japan. No Game No Life conjointly has 2 manga series supported by novels series. So working while for the series is not a bad idea instead it would lead to profits. Related to author there are also news that due to his concerning of health he is not focusing on the series which slowdowns the process more.

No game no life season 2 release date:

The season was produced by madhouse. It is the sixth volume light novel series based film which was launched in 2014 and reached all the peaks of fame. Rumors are that no game no life season 2 will be announcing soon when and where nobody has its idea but if it announce in 2021 or 2022 it will be golden opportunity for the series to grow more in the market. So the final date has not been released yet.

No game no life season 2 Characters:

The characters of no game no life makes the season more interesting. Each of character has it’s unique value in the scripted novel based movie. The no game no life season 2 characters are going be as lit as the prequel was. The character includes Sora, Shiro, Jibril, Stephanie dola, Schwi dola, Tet and Riku Dola.


The Author descripted Sora as “extremely outgoing, confident, with endless vitality and virility, not afraid to play with people face to face, even when they are cheating.

He’s extremely manipulative, which he calls “negotiation and diplomacy skill”. This complements the playing style of Shiro consisting of logic and calculations while his, consists of emotions, observations, deductions, behavior, language, tactics and human logic.

He can be extremely arrogant and speak in a condescending manner with those he plays against, especially AFTER discovering a winning method. Despite being a shut-in, Sora has incredible superhuman charisma and eloquence.

He is an excellent and natural speaker, always knowing exactly what to say to get others on his side. He has no problems dealing with people or groups, after overcoming the initial shock.”

No game No life season 2 sora
No game No life season 2 sora


The author descripted Shiro as “described as a genius in logic and problems but has difficulty understanding emotions or behavior, relying on Sora to help her defeat beings with emotions such as Tet in their chess match.

She also rarely shows much emotion at all and, despite her genius intellect, speaks in short, terse sentences and in a third-person perspective. Shiro is shown to be a genius multiple times throughout the series, surpassing even a supercomputer.

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She possesses an eidetic memory and is able to recall a vast amount of information quickly and accurately. She claims that chess is merely a tic-tac-toe game and was able to learn Immanity-Go in 15 minutes. According to Sora, she speaks 18 languages fluently and is able to predict movements and the bullet trajectories of her opponents.”

shiro no game no life season 2
Shiro “No game no life”


The author descripted Jibril as “long purple-pink hair that reaches down to her knees and two white wings protruding near her hips. Her pupils are purple surrounded by a gold iris but a cross shape appears in her pupils when she is focusing on a task.

Her ears are wing-shaped and she also has a halo over her head. Jibril usually wears a long skirt. She has also a slim and well-endowed body. She has the physique of that of a 17-18-year-old but in actuality is much older.

As the final unit and most powerful individual of the Flügel race, her massive strength was hinted at by Azrael who stated that, were she to assist Sora and Shiro in playing a game of tag against 100 other Flügel, the match wouldn’t be considered a competition at all.

It is unknown what her full capabilities are disregarding Heavenly Smite. However, parting a pathway through the sea to Oceando is apparently a representation of 5{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of her full strength. She is also seen being in close proximity to a blast from a hydrogen bomb, and emerging unaffected.

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Her speed is also incredible, capable of moving, maneuvering, and reacting well pass the speed of sound with ease”.

Jibril no game no life
Jibril no game no life

Stephanie Dola

The author descripted Stephanie Dola as” the granddaughter of the Former King of Immanity. After the king’s death, she gambled to become the next queen of the country. She was forced by the pledges to fall in love with Sora after losing a game to him”

While Schwi Dola “is a machine that bears many similarities with Shiro, but with several differences, the most prominent being two tails that come out from her back, and other machine-like features that protrude from around her body”.

Stephanie Dola
Stephanie Dola
Stephanie Dola
Stephanie Dola


The author descripted Tet as “seen wearing a beret with a brim and a yellow clover on top of it. He has a small red-colored heart below his right eye.

His most distinctive features are his eyes, for they are multi-colored. Despite the fact of his eyes being multi-color, his right pupil has a diamond shape and his left a spade shape on it. He wears a large metal earring on his left ear which is shown to be a die, a blue choker, and bracelets in both hands with the same color.

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He wears a red hoodie with a chartreuse shirt and typical blue shorts, accentuating the fact that he is only a boy. As the One True God, he has a plethora of unknown powers, with the definitive ones being teleportation and levitation. He can also be assumed to possess a vast amount of Magical Power, being most likely the being with the strongest affinity for magic in Disboard.

Jibril had once stated that even the Old Deus would have trouble summoning a being from another world, and yet Tet has been able to keep two in Disboard for a prolonged period of time with no ill effects. Also, being the former God of Play, Tet is known to be very skilled in games having only lost once to Sora and Shiro in his entire existence.”



The author descripted Riku as “hebears many similarities with Sora. He is tall and lean and has spiky white hair. His eyes are a lavender color and were described to “look like the abyss itself”. His clothing is mostly sienna brown with a red scarf.

He usually wore a dust mask and fur armor to prevent him from coming into contact and inhaling Black Ash. Riku is a master strategist and manipulator, much like Sora. He is capable of duping even the matriarch of the Nilvalen family (known as the strongest and smartest Elf at the time) into giving out valuable information, albeit at the cost of his health.

Through his efforts and skillful leadership, The 179 Ghosts were able to manipulate all the races into forming alliances with each other and drastically change the tide of the Great War, all while standing in the sidelines.Despite the different circumstances he had felt, he was the most emotional of the cluster, proof of this is the declaration of the pledges and him sacrificing himself despite Rule 2, “You must let no one die”. Becoming a fundamental drive for him to stop the war.”

Riku no game no life

Why was no game no life season 2 Cancelled?

Several assumptions are being made that why the no game no life cancelled. One of reason that took the heat was that the rumor that author was caught plagiarizing which affected its position in the market and low down its value so that is we think would be the main reason of cancelling if this news is true.

Where can I watch No Game No Life Season 2?

There are many sites which can give you comfort of watching and better the way of view.  You can watch on Netflix with its original Japanese version or you can go for English dubbed on the most of the famous streaming sites such as Amazon and Crunchyroll, Prime etc.

Do Shiro and Sora end up together in prequel?

Sora’s girlfriend was Stephenie in the prequel. Sora and shiro is the step brother/sister which means their parents got married to each other. Sora pampered Shiro as little sister but shiro has developed feelings for him. It was not clearly shown that they end up together or being apart but the series denotes that shiro really adore sora.

It was also shown that there was one more character which sora really likes. Her name was Kairi. She is that the tritagonist of the dominion Hearts of game series. Kairi is additionally a princess of Heart, one amongst seven maidens whose hearts hold no darkness however solely pure luminescence and light, and is required to open the ultimate sole to Kingdom Hearts. She is Sora and Riku’s good friend and Sora’s has keen interest in her.

What happened to Sora in no game no life season 2?

Sora was the pro player. He has never losted any game as because he has never uses his existence’s last three key pieces. It was also said sora and shiro never losed together. When they are together they formed a bond that can never break, which goes in the favor of their win.

Social Media influence:

Social media has a lot of influence and impact in our daily lives. Considering this No game no life has created their official website as well as twitter account. They don’t have many followers on twitter but shares 125,000 people. They are not active on their social media sites and accounts which are making more disadvantages for them. The last time they tweeted was in 2020.

No Game No Life Season 2
No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life Season 2 Google Trends:

No Game No Life quality peaked in the year 2014. At that time it was on the top of the chart but after that year it simply keeps dropping. The motion-picture did raise the Google searches however to solely half of what it had been at that time. These searches are mostly around 5{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5} of the highlights in Japan. Usually, it’s more or less 15-20 for widespread all over the world after the movie ended.

It’s comparatively safe to mention that No Game No Life could be a widespread series that created a great deal of cash and fame for the worldwide production, as we talked before above.

We can surely tell you guys that no game no life season 2 has not been issued and no such updates has been made due to less profits and publicity.

The choice to form the motion-picture show should have occurred in early 2015 and it would not possible to launch one more season due to lack of material for anime. If they can launch they surely have launched but we assume that there must be such problems which stops them making season 2.

This year 2021 or 2022 is the golden chance for them to announce one game one life season 2 which will surely help them in greater marketing and more profits. This was our assumption.

The reason we can provide in delaying of one game one life season 2 would be lack of source material for anime would be a great problem. Nowadays anime studios are very busy they were closed because of pandemic and now they are with loads of work.

They should start working on the anime to have good market reputation as if the idea is drawn today it would take 2 years to announce the launch date due to such sequel production.

No game no life google trends
No game no life google trends

NGNL is best in making toons. They provide most popular toons which have worth uptil now. It means that if they planned for better storyline and animation they can go with them.


As per the on top of info and knowledge gained, we can simply decipher that the material is the one answerable here. No game No life is conducting and making loads of cash until currently and has not lost its quality, however lack of the supply material is what inflicting the matter here.

There are about ten volumes of the novels, the newest one being a prequel story however we think that they can make a whole new season again. However as there’s no new Volume within the last two years, perhaps Kadokawa doesn’t wish to invest on such series which has nothing unique or new which they can do publicity.

According to some sources it is said that the author of this series is facing some medical health problems which is why the discharge speed of the new series is so slow.

Because of this Kadokawa don’t want to invest in them until they something to originate to the market. We clearly can’t tell what exactly medical issues the author is facing because according to sources the author has been seen out of the hospital after discharge.

However we can just hope and nothing else that there’ll be a volume eleven revealed in 2021. They did an honest factor in creating a prequel that benefits the franchise alive and helped it create a large profit until they update regarding the no game no life season 2.

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