Here’s How Celebs react to Derek Chauvin’s court sentence for St. George Floyd’s murder!

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Celebs react to Derek Chauvin’s pathetic statement for St. George Floyd and give terrible remarks on his murder case. Most of the Celebrities of America are expressing their disappointment once former city policeman Derek Chauvin was sentenced for the murder of St. George Floyd.

Chauvin was sentenced to twenty two years and 6 months in jail on Friday just after 2 months once he was found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree homicide of Floyd in the year 2020.

After the sentencing, celebrities expressed their disappointment concerning the jail term not being long enough.

Here are the reactions:

Ava DuVernay:


Ava DuVernay took her twitter account and wrote:

“Derek Chauvin is a murderer.

A murderer who watched multiple people pleads for the life of the man he killed in broad daylight. A murderer who placed the full weight of his body on another human being’s neck and felt the life drain out of him.

Derek Chauvin is a murderer.”


The popular singer twitted on this sensitive topic as:

“Understand Chauvin’s Mom Not Wanting Her Son 2 Be Gone, But GEORGE FLOYD’S MOM WILL “NEVER” SEE HER SON AGAIN.Chauvin’s Lawyer said If Only He Hadn’t Gone 2 Work That Day, Answered that call.


Kathy Griffin:

Kathy also twitted about the justice for the black man as:

“Of course, it’s not enough time.”


Rossana Arquette:

Rossana twitted in a very taunting way to Chauvin’s mother saying:

“Sorry mama chauvin, your son isn’t a sensible man.”

Roxane Gay:

Roxane posted two tweets. In the first tweet she said:

“My goodness 270 months in prison for Derek Chauvin, can never own firearms again, must register as a predatory offender upon release. George Floyd is still dead.”

In the second tweet she claimed that:

“It’s just a conflicted emotional response in that it’s rare for a police officer to receive this kind of sentence but I don’t know that there is a satisfying or acceptable sentence for this kind of crime.”

George Takei:

Takei also took to his Twitter account and wrote:

“I want 40 years for Chauvin. George Floyd’s family already got a life sentence handed to them when Chauvin murdered him.”

Martin Luther king:

Martin wrote that he was very sad by the news as the culprit should get lifetime punishment.

He said “The world was watching today as #DerekChauvin was sentenced. Unfortunately, what he received today fell short of what true justice would look like for Mr. Floyd and his family. Full Accountability is keys to creating an unbiased justice system…DISAPPOINTED!!”


Kelechi also wrote about the unbiased decision from the court and said:

“Derek chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years in prison. Yes. Based on the speech the judge was giving beforehand , I really thought it was going to be much less. As a police officer, I knew they’d wiggle him out of the maximum sentence”

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