Herschel Walker faces what he had sought to avoid: an additional accuser.

David Smith
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Herschel Walker

Keeping up with the rumours regarding Herschel Walker’s highly chaotic personal life has been challenging. The public was aware of one ex-wife Walker allegedly threatened to murder, one ex-girlfriend he allegedly threatened to murder, and one adult son when the Georgia Republican’s Senate campaign began.

In recent months, new branches have been added to this family tree. Walker has four children as of this morning, three of whom he failed to mention previously and one of whom has opposed his campaign and accused him of domestic violence. At least four women have accused him of paying for an abortion; he has children with at least four women.

According to NBC News, Walker was challenged with additional charges regarding a prior relationship. Recently, the Republican contender has switched emphasis to the fact that he has also lied about having a career in law enforcement.

Herschel Walker

The attorney submitted evidence indicating that Walker, at the very least, knew the accuser: an apparent voicemail message Walker left, a photograph of him on a bed, and greeting cards she alleges he signed.

At yesterday’s news conference, the accuser further stated, “After discussing the pregnancy with Herschel multiple times, he advised me to seek an abortion.” According to her account, she went to an abortion clinic but “couldn’t go through with it,” which “upset” Walker.

The next day, he drove me to the clinic and waited in the parking lot for hours until I emerged, the woman stated. “I was saddened because I believed I was coerced into obtaining an abortion.”

The allegations remain unverified now, and there is no clear proof to corroborate the abortion accusation. Yesterday, Walker disputed the most recent allegations; however, his previous denials of comparable allegations were not convincing.

Herschel Walker

And while the Republican’s defenders will undoubtedly view yesterday’s events as a political ploy, his unidentified accuser highlighted to reporters that she voted twice for Donald Trump but is stepping out because she does not believe Walker “is ethically suitable to be a United States senator.”

Yesterday, the candidate made two appearances on Fox News, assuring viewers, “If they can do it to me, they’ll do it to you next.”

I suppose that holds some water. If you have four children with four partners, mislead people about their existence, run for the Senate, and have been accused of paying for an abortion, it is highly feasible that you will be accused of paying for another abortion.

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As for why any of this may matter in Georgia’s statewide election, a recent Washington Post article highlighted, “Walker is running on a platform that opposes abortion in all situations, without exceptions for rape or incest or to safeguard the mother’s life. He has stated that he would support a nationwide ban on the surgery after 15 weeks of gestation. He has also attacked Black men for their lack of parental involvement.”

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