Hillsborough County, Florida: first Coronavirus Case

Hillsborough County, a county situated in the United State’s state of Florida. On Sunday in Hillsborough County and Manatee counties, Florida declared a general health crisis after the two patients found infected with the coronavirus. One of them is an adult residential women of Hillsborough County, and the other is also an adult resident of Manatee counties.

The health department of Florida said that the patient of Hillsborough County is a female of 20s, and now she is almost okay. Recently, she traveled to Italy. So there are some chances that this virus is not yet produced in our country. So, if our residents do not travel towards the other countries for some months, we can protect ourselves. But the other patient from Manatee County does not have any traveling history. So, the question is how he suffered from the coronavirus. Moreover, the health department of Florida said that these patients would be separated from the other persons until their proper recovery because we do not want to spread this virus and to get any risk in our country.

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Governor Ron Desantis said that the devoted experts at our district health divisions, just as those working at nearby clinical suppliers; well prepared to address these and future cases. State Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees has taken proper, final activity to help the influenced people the best results. I will keep guiding our state organizations to do whatever is essential to organize the wellbeing. And also the prosperity of people living in Florida. 

Updated report of Coronavirus in Florida:

In Florida, the health department released a report in which they said that there are two likely positive cases. While fifteen negative testing results, one hundred and eighty-four people under doubt and eight pending test results. These 184 people that suspected to infected with coronavirus are under the health monitoring regularly.

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