Hollywood designer staged a COVID safety, Halloween superstar who crossed a car accident and achieved amazing results

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Halloween 2020
Halloween 2020

If 2020 is the strangest year and Halloween is the strangest holiday, then what is Halloween 2020?

It is also an opportunity.

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Yes, this is an adjustment that prohibits trick-or-treating and large gatherings, but people are using COVID safety options to get creative, such as the Halloween feast that runs through Halloween called LA.

 Its organizers let Hollywood designers, staff and performers work for the weird camping family entertainment.


This is also the story of a company turning lemons into lemonade.

I went with my partner David.

Even decades ago, he was Mr. Halloween. He has high standards for everything during the holiday.

Therefore, when we got our hands, booked and timed tickets, I felt nervous and we arrived at the temporary residence of Hante Owente.

Halloween latest 2020
Halloween latest 2020

It’s the huge parking lot of the large western shopping mall in the San Fernando Valley;

It appears to have been properly abandoned. The “windows facing down, wear a mask” sign refers to anti-COVID masks, not clothing, and the creepy music from the speakers is pleasant, and the staff wearing safety masks brought us in and have been taking care of us.

halloween 2020 latest
halloween 2020 latest

When we entered the first stop of the through train, a tunnel was lined with more than 1,000 illuminated Jack-o-lantern faces.

David was in his ranks, and I knew it would be fine.

Our drive drove through a pumpkin field, just like the staff inviting guests to pop out their suitcases to avoid touching the ground and bring the pumpkins home.

It felt like a pumpkin maniac. The route continues, passing through skeletons set on a haystack, a haunted beauty school, live musicians and photographic works.

Halloween 2020
Halloween 2020

It was in the small town of Haunt’oween that David became flammable.

The main drag is like the background program of a movie studio, it is designed for driving through. Under the palm trees and flashing lights in front of the outer wall of the man-made house, actors in costumes pierced them into passengers and passed through the open car.

Halloween 2020
Halloween 2020

The windows and skylights use church collection panels that look like long poles. The Martian pointed at the toy ray gun and ordered “Take me to see your candy!”

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