How black lives were accused of killing American police

black lives matter
Black Lives Matter

The shocking deaths on American videotapes triggered protests across the UK and sparked a national debate about British history.

The issue of “black life” is a decentralized progress that advocates non-violent civil disobedience to protest the vicious police practices and cultural cruel treatment of African Americans.

The phrase “Black life is essential” and the hash tag were born in 2013, after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin.

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There are 30 chapters universally on “Black Life Issues”. More than 1,000 “Black Life Issues” marches from corner to corner of the country.

How this issue raise:

In the Start, there was an opposition. Few troubles just start from the name, because some people take it as the superlative statement.

Over and over, protests against prejudice and police aggression continued in many cities around the world. They started in the US three weeks before, when the unarmed black George Floyd died.

A new wave of protests broke out in the US after 27 years old Rayshard Brooks shot and killed him in Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta on Friday night. Protests were held in major French cities.

On Saturday, the Paris riot police fired up tear gas to go away a largely peaceful but not permitted objection.

The African media has been paying close attention to the “Black Lives” protests in the US and nearly constantly supported the protesters. Particularly in African human rights organizations, Americans’ attention to police brutality resonated strongly.

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For the African continent with more than forty states and one billion people, the risk of generalization is sky-scraping, but it can be said that for most Africans, the police are not your friends.

The prevailing view is that police brutality is the norm.

So, meaningful police reform may require a comprehensive reform of the entire judicial system and need the government to make essential and positive adjustments to the people it should serve up.

On a continent in a deadly disease, such a restructuring plan is not so simple or easy, and in this plan, the quality of political leadership is usually poor.

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