How did Luisa Espino’s twitter video viral on Internet?

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The internet has gone viral with a video of Luisa Espinoza that has sparked a debate. In a video uploaded to Twitter by Maria Espano, she asks students to touch their bodies in exchange for desserts.

On social media, people have been shocked by the pictures, and a discussion has started about the use of minors in this kind of behavior.

luisa espino twitter video
luisa espino photo shoot

Students wear uniforms even though their personalities aren’t visible. There are Christmas songs playing in the background of the video, and she is wearing a Christmas hat.

Luisa Espino twitter video leaked

Espinoza, who produces videos for ad8lt sites, has been fired for posting a video that appears to show students from Guayaquil touching her.

Her face was in view as she began giving dessert to kids who had just finished their midday shift and weren’t supposed to be on display.

She offers them the gift before showing them her breasts and asking them to touch them.

Almost 40,000 views were taken down after residents complained to the Examiner’s Office and asked the Service from Education to investigate.

Although Espinoza has not said exactly when the video was made, a friend told her to shoot herself with the understudies.

luisa espino twitter video
luisa espino twitter video

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