This Is How Kentucky Will Decide The Governor’s Race

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A recanvass will be present, but no recount. Then they may be some contest that will be judged by lawmakers instead of voters. This may sound confusing; below is how this will work for the Kentucky Governor Race.

Election Returns Impact for Kentucky Governor Race

At the time that the election returns arrived Tuesday evening, it was viewed that the tallies for governor tended to be razor-close. The Democratic challenger, namely Attorney General Andy Beshear, scored higher than the Republican incumbent, i.e. Gov. Matt Bevin and that by 5,086 votes which were out of more than the 1.4 million casts. It is Mr. Beshear who claimed victory; however, Mr. Bevin is not conceding defeat.

The question that is being addressed is what will happen now? How will Kentucky solve who will be the governor now for the next term?

This state’s Constitution, as well as laws, give some measures that will help decide a close and disputed election. Experts claim that in the end, voters, in fact, may not be the one with the final say. The following are the basics.

Kentucky Governor Race Election can be Recanvassed

It has been said that the simplest step tends to be to recanvass the election. This basically means that there will be double-checking of county election boards throughout the state to see if they properly added up the totals that happened from voting machines prior to reporting these to the county clerk. This process can be done in one day.

The candidates have only one week succeeding in an election to request a recanvass. However, Mr. Bevin did not wait for this long. Mr. Bevin placed his request on Wednesday. This will take place next Thursday.

Will the recanvass help in changing the outcome of the Kentucky Governor Race?

The answer to this is probably not. The past recanvasses have often yielded only really modest revisions. It has been claimed that in all cases, the vote totals alter by only a really small amount. Any revisions may probably come nowhere close to closing the gap among Mr. Bevin as well as Mr. Beshear.

Impact of a recount in the Kentucky Governor Race

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, right, looks out at the crowd as President Donald Trump watches during a campaign rally in Lexington, Ky., Monday, Nov. 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

The state law seems to rule out a complete ballot-by-ballot type of recount. A provision is present for candidates that allow them to petition the state district court actually to order a recount and that for some races, however, the law precisely leaves out elections for governor as well as lieutenant governor, as well as other.

The election may be contested within the Legislature in the Kentucky Governor Race

The State Board of Elections will have till November 25 to properly certify the results, encompassing whatever alterations arise from a recanvass. The state law provides every candidate 30 days to carefully and formally apply so as to contest the election within the Legislature. This application should give certain grounds present for objecting to a particular outcome.

It should be known that the contest will be heard initially by a panel consisting of 11 lawmakers that will be randomly selected. There will be eight coming from the House of Representatives along with three coming from the Senate. These will sit as a board of inquests. They will hear the testimony and carefully gather evidence concerning the reason for this contest. After this, the panel will recommend to the complete Legislature whether they should order to have a new election or maybe declare a candidate or the other to be the winner. The House along with the Senate will each decide by a majority vote if they will accept this panel’s recommendation.

What party controls the process?

When looking at the state official who is in charge of elections, i.e. the secretary of state, tends to be a Democrat, namely Alison Lundergan Grimes. It is her office that is overseeing this recanvass. Alison did not run for the re-election. She will be succeeded by Michael G. Adams who is a Republican in January. He was elected on Tuesday.

The General Assembly that would decide a contest tends to be in Republican control.

Let’s see what the future holds for the Kentucky Governor Race ahead.

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