How Many Airport In Bangalore Are There?

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How many Airport’s are in Bangalore:

How Many Airport In Bangalore
Bangalore Airport

The question of how many airport in Bangalore are relevant for the same reasons as to how many roads in a town are necessary.

Without roads, how would an airport be able to serve the needs of the traveler?

Without an airport, how would people get to and from the city?

How could people travel to distant places without an airport, and how could they get back home?

The answer to these questions is not simple, and the numbers involved are not small. For example, there are numerous airports in Bangalore, and most are pretty new. Just recently, a major airport was constructed here. This means that the city has more airports than any other city in India apart from Delhi.

As per the latest statistics available, there are almost twenty-eight percent more airports in Bangalore than any other city in India apart from Delhi.

The next city on the list after Delhi is Mumbai. Other cities with more than one airport include Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Kochi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Hence, we can safely say that Bangalore has the most airports of any city in India.

The number of international airports also outstrips the number of domestic airports in the country. There are a significant number of international airports here, and many more are under construction.

Some have just come up recently, while others have been around for over a decade now. The growing trend of visiting foreign countries has led to more traffic connecting these airports to different parts of the world. Air traffic passes through these airports every day.

karnataka airport
karnataka airport

Besides the number of airports, you must also know about Bangalore because it has long been famous for its train station. Bangalore boasts of four railway stations that connect it to different parts of the country.

Thus, you can either catch a train in the morning and reach your destination in less time, or you can see a bus that will take you through various goals and take at least an hour.

The most popular among these trains is the Silvanath railway station which is located in Kumarakom. This is also the central railway station of Kozhikode.

From here, there are several ways to get into other cities in Bangalore. For instance, if you want to go to some other part of Bangalore, you can take a bus to that point. Or if you are willing to ride a cab, you can try reaching the railway station in that city.

Hotels are another thing you must know about Bangalore. It has a vast network of hotels which offer several different kinds of facilities. The most important thing about hotels here is that they all have within their chains.

AIRPORTS IN KARNATAKA || List of Airports in Karnataka

These chains cater to all types of tourists, whether they come from the city or other parts. Some of the most famous hotels in Bangalore include Hilton Bangalore, Intercontinental Bangalore, Fairmont Bangalore, and Hotel Radisson, Jaypee Vasant Continental Bangalore, Hans Plaza Hotel Bangalore, etc.

Apart from hotels, there are many BPO companies and IT companies in Bangalore as well. These companies provide all kinds of facilities to the people of Bangalore, and they have branches spread out in and around the city.

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So, if you do not want to stay in one of the hotels available here, you could always rent some of the offices in and around Bangalore. These offices are open for short terms, and you can even hire them for a long time. So, those who want to find out about how many airport in Bangalore are there?

List Of Airtports in Karnataka:

  • Bellary Airport
  • Belagavi Airport
  • Hubli Airport
  • Mangaluru Airport
  • Mysuru Airport
  • Bangalore Airport

Bellary Airport:

Bellary Airport
Bellary Airport

Bellary Airport is a small airport located in India, in Karnataka, in the national budget airline regulator, Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Its operational name is Bellary International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in India, with daily scheduled flights to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi from different parts of India.

Bellary international airport is served by two international airports, Vrindavan International Airport and Belgaum International Airport.

 Bellary Airport karnataka
Bellary Airport Karnataka

The Vrindavan airport is an essential gateway for all those coming to India for their business and pleasure through cheap flights to Bangalore and other essential destinations in India.

Besides, it serves domestic and international air traffic into and out of India. Another important airport serving this is the Bellary International Airport, a regional airport for Bellary Air Force base, located in India.

The major airlines operating this airport are Etihad Airways, Gulf Airways, and Air Deccan. In addition, the International Air Transport Association or IATA also runs a regularly scheduled flight to Bangalore.

Belagavi Airport:

Belagavi Airport
Belagavi Airport

Belagavi International Airport is situated in Belagavi, one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

The airport is one of the busiest airports in the whole of Italy and was previously known as Fiumicino until it was relocated to its current location in 2021.

The airport is one of the busiest airports in the whole of Italy and handles an annual average of ninety-five million passenger entries and exits.

The airport was opened inhofia and continues to operate there until it is scheduled to close in June 2021. It handles an estimated thirty-five million passenger entries and exits during the year and has seen phenomenal growth in recent years.

If you are planning a vacation to Italy and would like to travel from Belagavi airport to sambra, buses, trolleys, and taxis are available for you to use throughout the journey.

The journey takes approximately three hours fifty minutes, and you will be arriving at your destination in the early afternoon.

Some shuttles will pick up passengers going to sambra from the Belagavi airport late evening or early morning. Once you reach sambra, there are still some affordable taxis that can take you to the center of town.

To get to the center of town, there is a good choice of public transport to take you there. The central train station is Termini station, and there is a bus station in town as well, but these are much less crowded and do not offer the same luxury as the Belagavi airport.

Buses and trolleys will get you through the traffic on the way to sambra airport and other destinations and along the way.

Some several shuttles and buses depart from the Belagavi airport and arrive at different places throughout the region. The journey to sambra takes around three hours twenty minutes, depending on how many stops there are along the way.

If you have no plans to stay in Sofia during the entire duration of your visit, there are many cheap hotels in Sofia that you can choose from while you are staying there.

Hubli airport, Karnataka :

Hubli airport, Karnataka
Hubli airport, Karnataka

Hubli airport is a major domestic airport serving both the twin towns of Hubli and Dharwad in central Karnataka state, India.

It is located on Gokul Road, eight kilometers from Hubli and 20 kilometers from Dharwad. It is highly accessible by road and air.

It is only four kilometers away from the Hubli-Pilappura highway and less than an hour’s drive from the Mandovi-Kozambi-Chittorgarh International Airport.

It is connected to various destinations all over the country by different airlines. The airport is served by about half a dozen international airlines operating flights to Bangalore every day.

The airport has two international flights coming in every day to take off from Hubli airport. There are several hotels in Hubli, and these have restaurants and eateries inside the premises and inside the ‘Hubli ashram,’ which is the administrative headquarters of the airport.

The airport has a big depot building and a lot of facilities around the area. The new taxiway is being built, and a new runway is expected to come up in the next few years.

Hubli is also home to the largest dairy farm in Karnataka, the Yavleey potato factory, and the biggest fish farm in Southern India.

The new runway is expected to increase the number of daily flights to Bangalore by about 25 percent. The stretch being worked on is about six kilometers long and will be constructed in phases from eight to ten kilometers long, depending on how fast the construction can be completed.

The first phase will be about six kilometers long, and when it gets completed in full, it will extend to about twelve kilometers and will be able to handle a lot more aircraft.

Hubli airport is being developed primarily as a commercial airport. The plan is to link up the airport with other nearby commercial airports for passengers who want to fly to different parts of the country but are not bound by their connecting flights.

A significant portion of Hubli airport’s future growth is due to its ability to accommodate larger aircraft like the 747, scheduled for launch in the future.

Mangaluru Airport:

Mangaluru Airport
Mangaluru Airport

Mangaluru Airport, also known as Bangalore International Airport, is a major international airport servicing the coastal region of Mangalore, India.

It is one of India’s two international airports servicing the city located in Karnataka in South India. It is the fifth busiest international airport in Karnataka, with about thirteen million passengers each year.

It is also known as Christchurch International Airport and serves all major airlines operating in India and worldwide. To help the growing international traffic, the airport has extended daily scheduled flights and offers budget and low-priced airfares to the visitors.

Mangaluru Airport is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from the capital of Mangalore (Mangalore). The airport is served by about ten carriers operating in India and around the globe.

Some of these are Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Spicejet, GoAir, Mandala Airlines, Indigo, Kingfisher, Jetlite, Cessna, Budget, Eva Air, Easy Jet, Tata Indicom, Indian Airlines, Indigo, Kingsford Smith, Sunwing Airlines, GoAir, Sunrise Airlines, Kanhopatra Airlines, Kanjeevarga Airlines, Kanjurmarg International airport, Sterlingsbacher Airlines, Garmin Airlines, and Indigo.

The airport runway is fully approved and certified by the aviation ministry and is the third busiest runway in the country after Cochin and Trivandrum.

The international and domestic airlines that run their operations at the Mangaluru airport include Air Deccan, Bhaskar Airlines, Air Deccan, Jetair, Indigo, Kingfisher Airlines, GoAir, Mandala Airlines, Indigo, Sunwing Airlines, Cessna, Tiger Airways, Jetlite, Spicejet, GoAir, and IndiGo.

The runway of the airport is flat and is almost grass-free. The airport building looks very contemporary and attractive and may have a metallic roof over the parking area.

The main entrance is through the taxi stand, and the car hire desks may be found here. You may have to step over some hurdles when you approach the building, but it is straight, and you can find some windows to have a view of the airport and the surrounding areas.

There is another entrance, namely through gate number six. From the car hire desks, you can access the terminal and then make your flight.

Mysuru Airport:

Mysuru Airport
Mysuru Airport

Mysuru airport also referred to as the Mandakalli international airport, is an ordinary airport serving Mysore, an exceptionally developed town in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

It is located close to the village of Mandakalli, approximately 10 kilometers away from the central city, and is operated and owned by the Airports Authority of India, a government body.

This airport was previously known by the name Kovalam but was changed in March 2021 due to the setting up of another airport at Kanyakumari. The changing of this name signified that this was a privately owned airfield.

The airport was initially operational during the period of Air Force rule in Karnataka and was one of the primary airfields used by the Air Force throughout that time.

The airport’s name was changed to Mysore airport in January 1977, while the first aircraft to land at the airport were military transports carrying personnel to the Bangalore International Airport. As the airport’s name kept getting modified, it was decided that it should also get a word with which the nearby districts of Bangalore could readily be familiar, and this name was changed to Mysore in July 1977.

With this change, Mysore became one of the primary hubs for all domestic and international air traffic in Bangalore and its surrounding districts. In addition, there are many flights to Mysore from other major cities, apart from Bangalore, which land at the former Mysore airbase.

To cater to the growing needs of passengers, Mysuru airport has four terminals, all of which have comfortable lounges offering all-inclusive services like Internet, snacks, and tea to passengers.

The airport also has a dedicated service for airport transfers, which provides convenience to travelers who do not have a car of their own to move around during the duration of their stay.

There are also taxis available to hire at the airport, which provides another means of transport to and from the terminal. The other primary airport services offered by the airport include international flight services from Delhi, Singapore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Bangalore Airport – Home to One of the Largest Airports in India:

Bangalore Airport
Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport, also known as Bhatye Beach Airport, is one of the busiest airports in India. It is one of three famous Bangalore International Airport terminals, serving all the airlines operating from Delhi, India’s second city.

It is the leading international airport of Bangalore, doing all the domestic and international flights coming to the city from different parts.

It is one of three world-famous Bangalore International Airport terminals, serving all the airlines operating from Delhi, India’s second city. Spread over 4,500 acres, it is situated about 30 kilometers away from the suburb of Devanahalli in Karnataka.

Bangalore also serves as the base for many other airlines, including Air Deccan, Indigo, Jetlite, Kingfisher, and Spicejet. Almost all the domestic airlines from India land at Bangalore at least once a day to service the air travelers that land in the city on domestic and international departures from Delhi.

Various flight companies like GoAir, Sunwing, Indigo, Jetlite, Air Deccan, Goair, and Cebu Pacific offer their services at this critical airport and submit their online websites for air travelers to book their tickets on the spot. Apart from these airlines, several other airlines land in Bangalore daily and weekly for their international and domestic flights.

Bangalore is home to one of the largest international airports in the country, which is the busiest in terms of the total number of passengers every year.

The number of passengers moving in and out of Bangalore every day is enough to suggest that the airport has become an essential destination airport with both extended and short-distance travelers in the city.

The massive traffic at the airport can be seen by you standing outside the departure lounge waiting for your connecting flight and witnessing the endless rows of people waiting for their connecting flights and getting information about their journey with the help of their mobile phones, as most people here rely on mobiles to get in touch with the outside world during their stay in Bangalore.

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