How old was Margaret Thatcher when he became prime minister?

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The fourth season of THE CROWN is about to land on Netflix and introduces Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The fourth season is coming soon, and the series is one of the most watched series on the streaming platform Netflix.

This historically significant TV series follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II that Olivia Colman will perform in the upcoming season. provides all the information about the age of Margaret Thatcher when he became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

How old was Margaret Thatcher when he became prime minister?

The first season of the fourth season of “The Crown” arrived on Netflix on November 15. This season spanned from 1977 to 1990 during Thatcher’s tenure.

The new season also includes the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles and the funeral after the assassination of Lord Mountbatten.

The trailer for the fourth season showed that the queen had a dispute with Thatcher because she disagreed with the way the country was governed at the time.

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I heard Thatcher’s actress Anderson said:

 “Under Y, I think we have enough respect for each other to ask ourselves bigger questions, from women to women.

“After all, we are only six months old.”

The queen then asked who was a senior, and Thatcher said to whom: “I am, ma’am.”

Then I heard Thatcher said that her goal is “to transform this country from dependence to self-reliance. I think I am succeeding.”

However, the queen replied:

 “Unemployment, recession, crisis… It is a dangerous game to let the enemy left and right and center left and right.”

Mrs. Thatcher served as prime minister from 1979 to 1990, and from 1975 to the year when she resigned, she was the leader of the Conservative Party.

She was the first female prime minister and the longest-serving British prime minister in that.

Because of her ruthless and uncompromising attitude towards the country, she was nicknamed the “Iron Lady”.

When the leader of the Conservative Party was 54 years old, she became prime minister and won a majority of 44 seats with her party.

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