How the “Black Widow” battle broke the Hollywood trading model

Helen Dunmore
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In the past, a little ambiguity in entertainment contracts was not necessarily a bad thing, but Disney’s reaction to Scarlett Johansson made lawyers reluctant to leave things between the lines.

When Scarlett Johansson sued Disney on July 29 for the compensation of “Black Widow,” a community in Hollywood paid special attention to this development.

Black Widow
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 A team of transaction lawyers who negotiated deals for top talent. For many of them, the lawsuit over the simultaneous release of the movie in theaters and Disney+ not only highlights the complexity of compensation in the streaming era but also proves the massive disruption of the relationship.

“Suddenly, behaved like a technology company,” Matt Gasol, Greenberg Glusker partner, representing Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise, Anthony, and Joe Russo Say.

Brecheen Feldman representatives Conan O’Brien and John Oliver’s Leigh Brecheen added, “In Hollywood where I grew up, people generally understood the terminology to be understandable, and you would deal with people on the other side of the table time and time again. That’s nothing. NS.”

Developing strategies:

Although traders are not surprised that the studio might change the rules for the advantage of its affiliated streaming media, many people expect that the “day and date” release will eventually become more routine-after all, understanding the industry’s undercurrents and Developing strategies to protect customers is part of the job-Disney’s reaction to Johnson caused an uproar in the community.

Contrary to expectations of the Hollywood deal, not every point in the actor’s contract has reached its peak through negotiation.

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A lot of shorthand was used, and almost all parties accepted a lot of ambiguity in design. In fact, as a top talent lawyer put it. “If you want to make a request, it’s best to make sure you can get it.

Usually, smart people will come to the conclusion that it’s in the best interest not to raise this question. The last thing you want to create is to know that you don’t have what you want.”

Take Johnson’s case as an example. In some respects, she may be in a better legal position than other actors, because of how streaming media interferes with expectations for the back-end bonanza.

Although this was not emphasized in her lawsuit, her team plans to emphasize that her “Black Widow” contract does not include a standard “distribution control” clause, which allows the studio to decide how to license the film.

 Johnson’s camp also highlighted an email from Marvel’s chief legal counsel Dave Galluzzi in 2019, which wrote:

 “We fully understand that Scarlett is willing to make this movie and all of her the deal is based on the premise that this movie will be shown in theaters like our other movies.

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