How to factory reset your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

if your MacBook Air or MacBook pro feels too long to respond. if you face an issue that you cant solve. or you want to sell your MacBook and you want to erase all of your data from your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. by reading our article you’ll be able to factory reset your MacBook Air and MacBook pro like a new state.

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How to factory reset your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

before doing factory reset in your MacBook air make sure to back up your data.
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if you want to sell your MacBook air to someone, sign out from all of the accounts before you reset.

  1. Hold down the command and R keys on the board and then you turn on your MacBook.
  2. to continue to select your language
  3. select choose disk utility
  4. click on startup disk from the sidebar and then erase button
  5. choose the disk name after erasing the data click on the mac os extended(journaled) in the drop-down menu and erase and if you want extra security click on the journaled encrypted then it promote you to create a pass.
  6. select erase and done
  7. if you are not connected to wifi just like before from the main menu select reinstall mac os and then continue
  8. read the license and continue
  9. Click on agree and then install
  10. wait for installation
  11. your computer will restart after that

before resetting your MacBook:

before resetting your MacBook back up your MacBook data. creating a backup will help you in the future to protect your important and personal files.
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signed out from I tunes by selecting account>authorization>deauthorization, but if you are running a new Catalina you may skip this step, it doesn’t necessarily in it.

sign out of the cloud by hitting the menu button then go to the system then choose ID. Click on the iCloud on the right side of the panel and turn off the button “find my mac”.select overview and then sign out.
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sign in out from I message by opening message application select preferences> I message>sign out

unpairing Bluetooth devices from your MacBook by clicking apple menu>systems prefernce>bluetooth

now you’re done, factory reset is complete, you can now sell your MacBook without worrying about your personal data and all the important files.
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