HQ Trivia: Live Quiz App is no more:

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HQ Trivia is a popular game show application for both android and iOS users. First, it released for iOS on 26th August 2017, and then it released for android users on 31st December 2017. The “Vine creators” (Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov) developed HQ Trivia. In this app, players can play free trivia games and can win prize money. The application’s unique game was HQ Trivia, in which players had 10 seconds to give answers to multiple-choice questions. Which expanded in trouble as the user goes to the next levels. The shows broadcasted live from the “New York City.”. The principle host of HQ Trivia was “Scott Rogowsky,” a clever gamemaster who turned into a star in his own right.

HQ Trivia
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Journey of HQ Trivia:

In 2018, HQ Trivia got more than 2 million simultaneous players at one point. Money prizes for the champs went as high as $400,00 just for one game. Well, known visitors like Robert De Niro and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at times joined Rogowsky in live games. The administration additionally produced millions in income due to in-game advertisement manages organizations like Nike, Warner Bros, and then some. The application brought forth loads of imitators also.  

Later in January 2020, they lost there a lot of players. This number of players remained 67,000 players only. So, HQ Trivia is now closed. They ceased their operations and closed everything on Friday. At the time of its closing, 25 employees were working there. HQ’s CEO, “Rus Yusupov,” sent the emails to all the employeeS. In that email, he stated that the company had a buyer for our business. However, that buyer suddenly accepted the offer, and the current investors of the HQ are not more willing to fund this company anymore. In December 2018, one co-founder of the company died to low this tension; he took an overdose of drugs.

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