Hugh Jackman joked about giving Ryan Reynolds a birthday present

Hugh Jackman continues to maintain an uninterrupted hatred with the fanatical Ryan Reynolds. Because he plans to give the star of Deadpool a birthday gift.

Hugh Jackman plans to send a birthday gift

Jackman plans to send a birthday gift to his fanatical Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds) to get angry. Jackman and Reynolds starred in the impressive “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Scarlett Johansson made two jokes there indirectly. Unfortunately, the couple never managed to reunite Deadpool and Wolverine. Because Jackman quit the role a year after the first Deadpool appeared on the scene.

Although the coronavirus pandemic temporarily suspended the ongoing joke war between the two Hollywood stars, the two quickly resumed normal activities:

The Deadpool star and the original X-Men actor crashed Jackman’s virtual party. Recently, Jackman even joked that if the two don’t have to be together, he would be happy to face/remake with his friends/enemy Retake. shooting. In the same interview, the Australian actor even revealed a funny birthday gift he prepared for Reynolds.

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In an interview with SiriusXM:

Jackman was asked about a gift he might send to Reynolds’ birthday in October. In response, the actor thought of a game he played when he was a child, called “Xiang Dangdang”, where they would knock on someone’s door and escape.

After being told that the name of the American game is “Ding-Gou”, Jackman went on to explain: “Of course, my brother took it to a new height. When you opened the door, a package caught fire. Inside the package Loaded with all kinds of shit from nearby, so you can eliminate it. That was the first thing I thought of.” Of course, the actor joked that he would send it to Reynolds, “just for fun.”

Of course, this is another interesting comment between Jackman and Reynolds. Jackman is actually unlikely to actually give such a gift, but his story of shit and his initial straight-line behavior were immediately answered, which is the entertainment value of the ongoing dispute between the two. Part. These jokes seem to be effortless, and Jackman and Reynolds both slipped away in such ridiculous comments between each other.

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