Hunted by the Afghan Taliban, U.S. Allied Afghan forces hide

Helen Dunmore
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A line of Afghan soldiers in armored vehicles and pickup trucks crossed the desert to reach Iran. For the safety of Uzbekistan, military pilots fly at low speeds.

In the past few weeks, the Taliban quickly occupied Afghanistan and successfully brought thousands of members of the Afghan security forces to other countries. Others managed to negotiate surrender and return home-some joined the victors with weapons.

Allies force is hiding from Afghan Taliban

They are all part of the sudden atomization of the national security forces, where the United States and its allies have spent tens of billions of dollars to arm, train, and fight the Taliban.

There is no way to escape: Afghan Taliban

In any case, notwithstanding conversations in Washington that the Afghan armed force just surrendered, a huge number of other Afghan officers, commandos, and spies who battled to the end were abandoned.

“There is no way to escape,” Afghan commando Farid said in a text message to American soldiers fighting with him.

Farid, who agreed to only be named, said that after the surrender of regular troops around him, he hid on a closed mountain in eastern Afghanistan. “I pray that I will be saved.”

Little by little, the Taliban are looking for those who believe they are fighting with the United States and NATO forces to provide bloody countermeasures to the gentle faces that militants are trying to show the world.

According to former Afghan officials, the militants threatened that if they could not find the person they were looking for, a confidential report prepared for the United Nations, and stay with them, they would arrest or punish their family members.

A desperate Afghan serving in Afghanistan contacted an American veteran.

Officials said the Taliban had checked the records of the Ministry of Defense and Interior and the headquarters of the Afghan Spy Service and made a list of agents to be searched. When the militants were discovered, there were more and more reports of quick and fatal retaliation.

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A former U.S. Special Forces interpreter said that he saw another man shot down simply because he suspected that he was cooperating with foreign troops.

In the southern city of Kandahar, the Afghan public broadcaster RTA posted a video on social media last week showing dozens of dead bodies left on the road. RTA itself is currently in the hands of the Taliban.

It is not clear how many Afghan soldiers and security officials are fleeing. According to Uzbek officials, dozens of Afghan pilots fled to Uzbekistan, and 22 airplanes and 24 helicopters carrying about 600 soldiers arrived on Sunday. According to former Afghan officials, an unknown number has arrived in Iran.

Theoretically, the number of Afghan security forces is about 300,000.

 However, US officials said that due to corruption, escape and casualties, only one in six people actually participated in the fight against the Taliban this year.

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