“Streaming Media Debut” the best streaming ( royal battle)

Hyper Scape
Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape Conducted an event:

As of yesterday, Hyper Scape conducted a “Streaming Media Debut” event, which attracted many well-known streaming media to watch the

new Royal Battle Royale and deleted the closed Beta code for the audience, just like our “Brave” in Riot What I saw when I published it.

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Ubisoft tried to emulate the success of the game.

But in fact, Hyper Scape is more like Apex Legends, which is a fast-paced BR focused on mobility. In its network reality environment, most of the time it has more arena shooting capabilities than BR.

Although I have not written code yet, I have been watching many games, and at least one idea in the game may be the coolest notion I have seen in the Royal Battle Royale for a long time.

That is the echo system.

Battle Royale :

Initially in the Battle Royale, if you died in the squad, that’s it.

Apex Legends is accompanied by the concept of “rebirth cards” and points out where you can summon team members to rejoin the battle. Fortnite immediately stole it.

Call of Duty Warzone goes one-step advance, yes, you can repurchase teammates, but you can also get a “second chance” in the form of 1v1 Gulag fighting.

When you die in hyperspace, you become an echo. Just like, you are a bystander, but you can fully control your activities, without being limited to the vision of a teammate. This means that you are still running with the squadron, but the enemy cannot see you.

Of course, you will not stay in the echo forever, and I believe that if your team kills an enemy, they will throw you a rebirth; this is the rebirth version of the game.

However, primarily, the idea of ​​a spy drone that becomes a team when you die is more enjoyable than most other games.

Although these games have all these callback functions, in many cases, you will be in trouble once the opportunities are exhausted, the audience mode.

The visual and map knowledge you can get and gain from this system is awesome, this is a brilliant idea.

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