I burst into tears when filming the stage musical “Come From Away”

A few months after the global pandemic, a Broadway musical about another terrible event that shocked the world brought people together.

The doors of the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater were opened for a few weeks in May to film actors performing “Come From Away”, a story of a Canadian town sheltering air travelers after the 9/11 attacks.

“This is the first time they have come back to watch a Broadway show,” said Tony Award-winning director Christopher Ashley. Sounds, whistles, laughter and crying. This is an extraordinary afternoon.”

Come From Away

TV viewers will experience this when Apple TV+ broadcasts “Come From Away” on Friday, which was edited in several performances using 10 cameras and added close-up shots of Steadicam and crane footage.

Come From Away

The background of this musical is the Newfoundland town of Gander, which opened its arms and homes to approximately 7,000 transit passengers when the US government closed its airspace.

In just a few hours, 38 planes from dozens of countries and religions filled the town, but the locals worked in the kitchen and cleaned up empty rooms to provide space and food for newcomers.

Whitley is one of more than a dozen actors who play residents and trapped passengers, telling true stories of generosity, sympathy, and acceptance, while fear and doubt prevail in the United States.

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Jan Colera replaced British actor Rachel Tucker

Most of the actors assembled for this film are actors scheduled to resume Broadway shows on September 21.

The one exception is the return of original actor Jan Colera, who filled the vacancy for British actor Rachel Tucker. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, New York.

Irene Sankoff, half of the Canadian couples creative team who wrote the book, music and lyrics, pointed out that there are currently very few COVID-19 cases in Newfoundland, which is another example of the same community gathered together. .

The musical shifted its focus from major events a mother worried about her missing firefighter’s son in New York to more stupid events, such as the noisy night at a local bar, where visitors were urged to kiss cod.

Although terrorist attacks have always been present in musicals, the focus is on the reaction of a small Canadian town.

Co-author and composer David Hein admitted that he had watched the show too many times. He said that the close-up shots of the movie version and the use of the camera tell the story powerfully in the new media.

From its birth at the La Jolla Theater in California in 2015 to its long-term Broadway performance and Tony nomination, Whitley has been with it every step of the way. She recalled her audition process, not very hopeful.

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