I thought I Won’t Be Able to Do ‘Sabaat’: Mawra Hocane

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Mawra Hocane said she almost didn’t do SABBAT due to clashes in her date schedule, and the shooting was already started.

In one of her interviews, she claimed that when she read the script, she was so excited to do this drama ‘Sabbat’.

Mawra Hocane on sets of 'Sabaat'
Mawra Hocane on sets of ‘Sabaat’

But as she was shooting for another drama ‘Udasi’, she was unable to shoot both at the same time.

It was almost one and a half months; the shooting was going on without knowing the lead character.

Mawra declared the script reading was amazing for her as it was very intriguing that she wants to read the whole script very quickly.

She said she was sad when the dates couldn’t match as she was very much interested in doing the project.

According to her, the script must be intrigued, as it will make the audience intrigued too and let them engage.

She also said she feels like some trait of the character ‘Anaya’ should be in her as a person.

As she was regretting about not doing the drama, she got a call from the producer saying, “I couldn’t see Anaya (the lead character) in any other actor.”

Mawra Hocane confessed that chunks of Character ‘Anaya’ will stay inside her forever, as she always wanted to be as powerful as ‘Anaya’

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Hello Hot 100 praised Mawra Hocane for her performance

After her drama ‘Sabbat’ the growth of her fan following and progress in the industry is lifted.

It was written by Hello Hot 100 that we have seen Mawra Hocane progress as an actor over the year.

But this year she really influenced us as her incredible performance in the drama ‘Sabaat.’

It was seen that Mawra Hocane thanked her fans and admirers for all the love and support she got, mentioning Hello Hot 100.

She shared the picture in which she was praised by Hello Hot 100 and captioned it as, “Ty everyone for all the love for all these years”

Hello Hot 100 praised Mawra Hocane
Hello Hot 100 praised Mawra Hocane

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