Ice cream day

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Sunday is considering National Ice Cream Day, save space for desserts in your fridges. Informally holidays are sweet holidays throughout the month. But it is believed that its origin happened thousands of years ago when Persian use snow into a bowl of juice.

Later, the Chinese started more experiments and finally made dairy products with salt and ice in 697 AD.

Antonio Latini is another famous name for introducing ice cream that is more modern in any terms. He started with the milk-based sorbet in Naples, Italy in 1642.

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In good times and bad times, life feels more pleasant while using ice cream. Whether you like to pack it in a cone or cup, sprinkle it with embellishment or serve as a sundae ice cream. Frozen desserts will not disappoint you.

Although real ice cream connoisseurs know that there is no need to condone. July is the National Ice Cream Month announced by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 July.

In honor of this sweet and chilled occasion, we like to share some top-selling ice cream brands in America. Which are most favorite because of their most loved flavors.

In honor of the occasion, some of the top-selling ice cream brands in America. They recently shared with Fox News the scoop on their most-loved flavors.

Blue Bell Creameries

A Blue Bell spokesperson said that although the highest tastes “are different in different markets”. Some of the brand’s bestsellers include; homemade vanilla, cookies n cream, Dutch chocolate, Great Divide ( Chocolate and vanilla mix), and cookies in two steps.


According to the representative of Breyers, customers’ favorite flavors are natural vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan vanilla. A mixture of chocolate and strawberry, followed by Oreo, mint chocolate chips, pecan butter, and natural strawberry.


The most popular flavors in Haagen-Dazs stores are cookies and cream. Followed by vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Belgian chocolate, and chocolate flavors.

Turkey Hill Dairy

The five best-selling products of the brand in Turkish Villas are

vanilla beans, chocolate mint chips, homemade vanilla, butter pecans, biscuits, and cream.

An incredibly interesting fact is that the brand representative revealed that Turkey Hill produced 30 million gallons of ice cream last year. Which is enough to “provide 112 spoons for every man, woman, and child in Pennsylvania to celebrate National Ice Cream Day!”

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