Images of the new Oculus Quest virtual reality headset appear to have leaked online

Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest Images are leaked

Images of the new Oculus Quest virtual reality headset appear to have leaked online. Twitter user WalkingCat, who has had reliable vulnerabilities in the past, posted the image.

The headset it displays is very similar to the existing Oculus Quest but has a black and white color scheme.

A possible slimmer design, and feature adjustments that may cause controversy.

Almost looks like:

Quest is the flagship Oculus product owned by Facebook.

Besides, the leaked image seems to show the update rather than a new generation of headsets-similar to the Oculus RiftS.

It seems that the original 2019 headset uses a black and black combination of fabric and plastic.

Rather than a pure plastic white body and black mask. The strap is a redesign to make the adjustment function on both sides, which are less prominent.

Alternatively, replaced with a single adjuster on the back, although their basic design is the same as the original Quest.

Rather than the more comfortable but larger “halo” Rift S adopts the Oculus style.

Difficult to judge:

The headset looks trivial, which is reliable with earlier reports that the Quest is smaller and lighter.

However, this is difficult to judge from a single perspective.

These are welcome changes because the current front weight of the Quest is a real disadvantage compared to rival PC tethered headsets.

However, there is another ominous change: there is no interpupillary slider under the headset.

The current Quest IPD slider physically changes the distance between the lenses, allowing people with eyes closer or farther than average to get a sharper focus.

Price is also matters:

Even if the leak does exist, we still don’t know the specifications of the headset or whether the image reflects the latest design.

For the refreshed Quest, pricing will also be an important issue.

Recently Oculus canceled its low-end Go design.

The current Quest starts at $399, but the price of a Quest made of cheaper materials may be lower.

This blame is worthless or not?

Oculus declined the blame of leaked images.

However, an article published by the Nikkei Asian Review last week claimed that Oculus plans to start mass production of a new headset around the end of July.

This may coincide with the announcement or release date later this year and may relate to the Oculus Connect Developer Conference.

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