Immigrant daughter Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) is the face of American demographic transition

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When he ran for president, Barack Obama also faced questions about his racial identity. He grew up outside the continental United States without a Kenyan father. It was not until 2000 that the federal government allowed the public to identify two or more races in the census.

After the 2000 census provided more options for mixed race children, African American and Asian-American civil rights organizations challenged this move, worrying that if the multi-racial category reduces their population during the Congressional distribution process The number of people of color will be weakened. However, it has become clear that multi ethnic people are increasingly choosing not to consider themselves as any race: 2 million Americans in the 1990 census chose the “other” category.

Presidential candidate:

It is for this reason that multi-ethnic militants have been running for the government for the next ten years to allow multiple racial identities in the census form and have succeeded. Just like the presidential candidate in front of her-Barack Obama’s story is that his single mother wakes up at 5 am to study, or Bill Clinton’s story is that after his father died in a car accident In the case of a mother raising her family-Harris uses her parents as the values ​​she strives for.

For her supporters, her family’s immigration story is almost a tacit condemnation of President Trump’s policy of restricting immigration to the United States, even though she has had to deal with a false “birth” conspiracy among some on the far right.

“She has been telling the story of her entire political career to her family,” said Jim Stearns.

Both Harris’ parents came to Berkeley for graduate studies, and unexpectedly found that they were staying because of each other.

When she became a professor of a well-known university, she bears a pain of parents’ separation.

After Donald Harris became a professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison, her parents separated. According to court records, Kopala filed for divorce in December 1971, when Kamala was 7 years old and won custody of her daughter in June 1973.

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