Immortal First Light Valorant Rankings just got Released!

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In North America, another major event of the game Valorant, just took place. The hosts of the events were, Esports organization immortals. As they are forming sever other NA squads in the $10000 Immortals First Light tournament.

Although the rival of the Twitch won’t be attending the event, almost all the major teams from the tournament are taking part in the event. Everyone from the event would be trying their best to get the number one position one way or the other.

The event would be a mix of e-sports competitive established organizations with the amateur teams who want to have their hands on the winning trophy. There is no way to make the gamers compete with each other other than that of the Global ranking system.

Gen.G Esports:

Gen.G Esports took the first place of the Light category. The long tiring match between the two arch-rivals made the Gen. G Rivals the winner of the game. They have entered the game entirely for the first time since their inception. They have competed in all the categories but lost the first match.

As they have a reliable team. People are looking forward to seeing them among the top charts


TSM was put second. They were one of the qualifiers of the event. They were in the first position when the event started. They just beat the Gen G taking over the first place. They were so close to taking the number one spot but failed to do so after loosing from the Chinese amateur China Nguyen putting them in the lower bracket of the ranking.

Cloud 9:

Talking about the third sport. Cloud 9 deserves it without a doubt. They are the real unknown of the tournament. If these power rankings were before the event, they would have the first spot. Their resilience earned them this spot.

Also give a read to Fortnite and PS5.

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