Everything About Donald Trump Impeachment

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Do you know what Donald Trump Impeachment is all about? Well, right here we will be discussing all the major highlights about Impeachment and what this new US political policy is all about! Impeachment is one of the most dominant and newly introduced US political systems works. US has made impeachment to be the part of the US Constitution that is based on the removal of the presidency by the side of Congress.   Impeachment was introduced in 1787 in a constitutional convention in Philadelphia. According to this new law, the president will be removed in case if he is found the culprit or guilty by the side of Congress of “treason, or any high crimes and bribery cases. 

Working Procedure of Donald Trump Impeachment

It is crucial to figure out that on what sort of grounds the US president can be impeached. Not just the president, but this law is even implemented on the vice president as well as all the civil officers who have been working in the United States. They will initially be removed in case if they are found the culprit or guilty by the side of Congress of “treason, or any high crimes and bribery cases. 

In order to start off with the proceedings of Impeachment, the member of House will be introducing the impeachment resolution. It is also possible that the whole member house will cast a vote based on which approval and disapproval will be made related to the further investigation proceedings of the removal case. This investigation process will be performed by the select committee or the House Judiciary Committee sector.

Donald Trump Impeachment
Donald Trump Impeachment

List of US Presidents Who Are Involved In Impeachment

To date today, there have been around two presidents in the US who have been crossed through the process of impeachment. But none of them was removed from their presidency office. In 1868 the act of impeachment was carried away on Andrew Johnson during the time of the American Civil War. According to this new law, the president will be removed in case if he is found the culprit or guilty by the side of Congress of “treason, or any high crimes and bribery cases. Later on, in 1998, Bill Clinton was investigated through impeachment trials. Nixon was the only president of the US who resigned because of impeachment.

Why Is Impeachment Happening In United States?

There have been so many democrats who have continuously been calling out for the impeachment of Donald Trump. This whole scenario of Impeachment in the US is happening today because of a single phone which Donald Trump made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In this phone call, Donald has urged the Ukraine president to investigate upon Joe Biden’s full involvement over the removal of a top prosecutor in Ukraine. Biden is doing so to protect his son Hunter Biden who was part of a natural gas Company in Ukraine who was also under investigation many years back. Although no such pieces of evidence were highlighted in terms of any sort of wrongdoings in favor of Biden and his son. But in return, the prosecutor himself was found to be the main culprit.

Donald has himself admitted that he had discussed Biden Hunter in his phone call. Therefore Pelosi has often announced that she will be taking the initial steps in the direction of House impeachment inquiry. She even stated that Donald has been trying to seek out the dirt on the 2020 adversary right into the foreign power which was not less than a red line.

She stated that she has been directing almost six committees to step forward in the investigation process under the supervision of impeachment inquiry. The details were highlighted in September, but till now so many witnesses have been put into questioning so far. Some new pieces of evidence are coming in the front line. Some of them even testify the fact that they do believe that Donald has been making hard efforts to perform a small meeting with Ukraine President in White House for pressurizing them to investigating all of his political rivalries.

Now let’s see what sort of action or investigation will be put forward in case if Donald Trump is caught in the process of impeachment! Will he be removed or not?

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