Importance of Summer Season.

Muhammad Fahad Jun 20, 2020
Importance of Summer Season
Summer Season

Summer season is the hottest season in the world. The word Summer is derived from the word Zomer. A lot of people think that how did summers get its name. It was recorded before 9th Century AD, and The word summers come from the word summer.

Importance of Summer Season is related to the word Zomer, The german word sommer and the Sanskrit Sama (which means “year).

It was back in the 13 century when the word Summer became an adjective. The words like summer camp, summer school, summer resort became a part of the dictionary in the 13th century.

The season goes after spring and foreshadows autumn. At this time of the earth, the days become hot and really long, while the nights in this season are the shortest. The sun is usually very bright and the birds are usually chirping.

What happens in summer season?

During the summer season, the weather is hot and damp and while the nights are the shortest. The days are the brightest and everything around us is whispering to go outdoors.

People usually wear thin clothes and bright colors. People go to beaches to spend time with their families and friends and doing picnics. Everyone feels happier during it because you don’t need to wear warm clothes during it.

What happens in summer season in India?

During the summer season in India. There is scorching heat that is accompanied by the blazing sun. People like to stay indoors with their Ac’s and cooling systems. Moreover, the summers in India are usually longer than any other season in the region. Nature is bright during summers and is full of colors.

Everything is flourishing and the birds are chirping and singing. You can feel that the nature around you is blooming.

Plants and tree are giving fruits with alot of flowers. They have different colors and everyone can feel the amazing smell of these in the air.

The animals usually breed in this season. Most of the cloud formation takes place during the summers to form the clouds.

The sun is most active during the day. This means that everything in nature gets a lot of energy from the sun to support the life. The sun usually creates the lifelong living conditions for animals and plants activities.

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Importance of Summer Season.

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