In a year of keeping a distance from society, the coronavirus also changed September 11

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped countless American habits

In a year when the coronavirus pandemic has reshaped countless American habits, even 9/11 will not be spared.

The 19th anniversary of the terrorist attack will be marked by a duel ceremony in a corner near the Memorial Plaza and the World Trade Center on September 11. This reflects the divergence in the memorial’s decision to suspend the precious tradition of witnessing the names of the victims.

Vice President Mike Pence is expected to hold these two commemorations in New York. While President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden plan to attend a brief ceremony at the National Memorial on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.

In New York, in the name of virus safety, the twin beams that caused the collapsed Twin Towers were almost eliminated until the uproar caused people to change.

The fire department cited the virus and urged members to stay away from any compliance with the 2001 attack. Which killed nearly 3,000 people, including nearly 350 firefighters

Relatives of some victims said that they knew that ground zero compliance must change within a year. But that was the case in other areas.

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Jim Riches, who lost his son Jimmy, a firefighter, said:

“This is another blow.” The father stayed at home on the anniversary for the first time this year. Because he did not want to take the opportunity to contract the coronavirus after suffering from a previous illness. But he believes that other people should be able to choose to recite the name of the deceased in the memorial square instead of listening to the recording.

The leaders of the memorial said they wanted to avoid close contact with readers who usually pair up on the podium. But to Riches, the retired fire brigade chief and a frequent critic of the memorial organization.

But Anthoula Katsimatides believes that this year’s difference is to ensure that the victim’s relatives are comfortable-including her mother. Who has not left home since March Because health issues make her particularly worried about the virus

Her daughter said that she was determined to become a bond trader in memory of her son John.

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