In the Year 2021, we will build a brighter future

Helen Dunmore
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The Year 2020
The Year 2020

In the Year 2021, we all are looking forward to a better year and a brighter future.

As 2020 was the Year of difficult times and darkness all over, that gives us a lot of lessons of life.

Joe Biden, an American politician, and the president-elect of the US posted a video on his Twitter account.

He, the former vice president of the US captioned the video by writing, “in 2021, we’re going to build a brighter future.”

In this video, struggles and sacrifices everyone gave due to the pandemic, are mentioned.

The video said that we struggle, gave, thanked, lost, unite, discover, laughed, loved, sacrificed, worked, celebrated in 2020.

But the Year 2021 will hopefully bring brightness in our world that will lighten up our futures.

2020, been a long and tiresome year but a brighter future is within reach if we can control the present.

A 9-year-old boy described 2020 as, “it was like looking both ways before crossing the street, and then getting hit by a submarine.”

Indeed, 2020 has certainly shaken us and took away many things we had taken for granted.

Many lost their lives due to COVID-19, but a vaccine should guarantee a slowly improving outlook.

In this pandemic, our economy has taken a beating and the way we live, work, learn, and simply interact with each other has changed, possibly forever.

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The Year 2021 need togetherness to fight

But rather than lamenting how bad everything around us may be, let’s focus on a brighter future.

We all have the capacity and the will to support each other and help that would and had turned things around.

Trust in each other alongside God’s help and determination to succeed is all you need for the best to come.

So, it is our responsibility to not only investigate our matters but also help as many as we can around us.

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