India banned 59 Chinese applications including TikTok

Helen Dunmore Jul 03, 2020 2

59 Chinese Apps Banned in India:

India banned the 59 Chinese applications, including the trendiest TikTok and WeChat platforms. Which shocked and saddened millions of its users.

Delhi Government point of view:

The Delhi government said that these applications “detrimental to India’s dominion and honor, India’s defense, national security, and public order.”

TikTok refused to share any data with the Chinese government. Beijing said it expressed “strong attention” to the ban.

its the result of conflict on the uncertain border:

Since the conflict on the uncertain border between two nuclear-weapon neighbors. Earlier this month, India’s anti-Chinese sentiment has been high, killing 20 Indians.

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China did not provide details on whether there were any fatalities in China.

The fighting took place in the Himalayas of Ladakh, and the two countries increased their exploitation near the border.

Government going to issue instructions:

Appeals to boycott Chinese goods soon appeared. The government issued instructions to cancel or restrict Chinese contracts with public sector companies.

However, the ban on apps surprised many people. The list includes the platform Weibo, the strategy game “Clash of Kings”, Alibaba’s UC browser, and e-commerce applications Club Factory and Shein.

India’s Ministry of Information Technology stated that the ban was due to “many objections from different sources”. And that these applications “steal and secretly transmit user data in an unauthorized manner”.

It’s not the first time:

Chinese apps are not banned in India the first time. In 2017, Alibaba’s UC browser was severely reviewed for supposedly leaking mobile data of Indian users. According to media reports that year, the Indian Ministry of Defense mandatory all armed recruits and officers to uninstall 42 Chinese applications classified as “spyware”.

However, some people believe that the timing of the ban is unintentional. As the pressure escalates, but a response to the border incident.

chinese app banned
59 chinese apps banned in india


India is TikTok’s largest foreign platform, with probable 120 million active users. TikTok allows users to post and share short videos.

Since its launch in India, the app has become a platform for Indians of all ages and classes.

From police stations to homemakers-to dance, sing, and perform for followers over the years. The app has turned common people into a media star.

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, told the BBC. “It is devoted to working with the Indian government to exhibit our enthusiasm for user safety and our commitment.

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