India blamed over Indian Muslim for coronavirus outcomes| India brutality

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The pandemic has given a new chance to Hindu nationalists to attack a previously distraught Indian Muslim group. 

Indian Muslims

Physical, verbal, and mental fighting is being pursued against Indian Muslims, driving further their ostracisation in Indian culture. 

A violent attack on Muslims saw to be bearers of the infection have been accounted for from various parts of the nation. Somewhere else, posses of youth have been keeping an eye on the section purposes of towns to forestall the passage of Muslims. 

Muslim merchants have additionally been approached to quit selling in the city. Also, Hindu doesn’t allow Muslims to enter their communities.

As the biggest minority bunch in India, Muslims have since quite a while ago confronted social, political, and economic marginalization.

In the time of BJP, attacks against Muslims have started over and over; the coronavirus is presently adding fuel to the fire.

Attack On a Muslim Nurse

Ambreen Khan was a Muslim and a nurse in Punjab. As on 10 April, Ambreen returned home from her hospital shift when many men of her neighbor surrounded her car, carrying iron bars and bamboo sticks. 

Most were neighbors—men she had known for a considerable length of time. Presently, they were yelling slurs at her. They pulled Khan from her vehicle, beat her, and molested her.

Indian Muslims

They insulted her, “Return to Pakistan, and perform your responsibility there,” one man hollered, as per the police report.

She said that she feared for her life there no. She did not feel like home and felt like another country.



Zainab Sikander, a political commentator

Zainab Sikander, a political commentator based in New Delhi, said that many Hindus said Indian Muslim was deliberately attempting to spread coronavirus to wage holy war or jihad against the majority Hindus.

Such bigotry had not only been normalized but had been encouraged through ruling party propaganda against Muslims.

Story Behind this incident

Everything started when news spread that people who had visited a large gathering of Tablighi Jamaat and had tested positive for coronavirus. 

Tablighi Jamaat= Muslim missionary movement

People ventured out from outside India to go to this occasion, and it is suspected that they may have brought the infection into the congregation. 

The Tablighi Jamaat was accused of organizing that occasion in March, disregarding the danger of the spread of the infection. Very soon, reports began pouring in from various pieces of India, proposing that the biggest number of positive cases could be followed back to the occasion. 

This turned into an avocation for the legislature to make a different segment of Tablighi Jamaat-related cases in its day by day briefings. It has made a feeling that the Muslim is the fundamental offender.

Since it is difficult for many people to separate the Tablighi’s and other Muslims, so Hindus become against all the Muslims and hated them.

Credit: The Quint

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