India reached the devastating death figure to 208,313 due to its wrong vaccine!

Helen Dunmore

Is India got affected by coronavirus due to its wrong vaccines? Here’s what you should know!

In April 2021 India has been recorded with highest number of corona cases. Large amount of people are dying in India due to coronavirus. The country’s aid system is inundated with over 200,000 cases and regarding 1,300 deaths being reportable daily.

Since the pandemic began, India has confirmed over fifteen million cases and over a hundred and eighty thousand deaths. It’s the second highest range of Covid-19 infections within the world and also records its highest death rates in a single-day which is lay down after USA and Brazil from past one year, 2020 to 2021 up till now.

Doctors and medical experts all over the world are predicting 10 times heavier wave of this covid19 and India can be much more affected in coming weeks as per predictions.

There were many small towns in India which has no facility and not even any media coverage so it is not possible to say the exact ratio as many small towns has more highest death rate as per professor of medicine in international health.

coronavirus vaccine
wrong vaccine increasing death rate in india

“We were estimating that the problem is 10 times worse in places like Maharashtra than the official numbers, based on what we’re hearing. We’ve heard from many of the big lab chains around India… they’re running 24/7 and are essentially overrun with tests. There’s only so many they can test.” She said.

Many doctors and scientist are trying to identify what was the main reason that the cases lift up so high in past 1 month of April. Many of the researches were made from which the query came in that after India made his own vaccine and tested on his citizens more corona death cases has been recorded after that.

What do you think that the real cause of increased death cases of coronavirus is due to wrong vaccines given to their citizens? Let’s talk about facts!

India started making its own vaccine which goes terribly failed as India tries to sell it on international platform to many countries but it was resend again to them because of its severe side effects. India solely failed to produce proper vaccine for covid19 as they claimed above 18 years group will be eligible for the vaccines and according to sources there were no children tested positive all the people who tested positive and died were from 30 to 60 age group.

According to data leaked, India tried out its vaccine on many of its citizen from which most of them were affected injuriously some got heart attack and some got blood clotting due to which abundant amount of people started dying at the very moment.

India sent 2,000,000 vaccines to Afghanistan as well and there it was verified by Afghanistan’s intelligence report that the testing of India’s Covid vaccine is not done in a proper way and therefore when they injected their vaccines on some of their citizen at first trials, 200 people died at the moment due to heart attack and severe injurious side effects. However now it is clarified that India’s vaccine is an ‘Unsafe Vaccine’ and has large amount of tendency to damage individual’s heart and lungs due to its strong percentage of reactions.

It was called as a ‘money making stunt’ from the government of India, risking their own citizen’s lives and we can only hope that all these united nation countries stood for themselves and raise their voices for the sack of their citizens and their lives. Complaints should be filed in World Health Organization against India. Now let’s see what happens!

India produced its own vaccine in January 2021. India tried that vaccine on some of its citizen which died at the moment due to heart attack and blood clotting. Knowing this they further sold it out to many countries such as Afghanistan which unfortunately also have great loss of lives and it is now reported that how unsafe and harmful in Indian vaccine for any individual.

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