International Firefighters’ Day 2020: History, Traditions and Quotes

International Firefighters’ Day 2020: This international firefighters’ day started after the death of five people who lost their lives to control the fire in the forest of Australia. 

International Firefighters' Day 2020
International Firefighters’ Day 2020
Credit: confirms that this incident occurred on December 2, 1998. And the names of those firefighters were: 

  • Garry Vredeveldt
  • Chris Evans
  • Stuart Davidson
  • Jason Thomas
  • Matthew Armstrong

And after seeing these sacrifices, the government decided to pay tribute to those firefighters by celebrating a day. 

So on May 04, 1999 “Lt JJ Edmondson” said:

The job of a fireman in the present society, be it urban, natural environment, rustic, volunteer, profession, modern, flight, engine sport, defense force, or other, is one of devotion, duty, and sacrifice, despite what country we live and work in. In the fire administration, we battle together against one shared adversary – fire – regardless of what country we originate from, what uniform we wear, or what language we talk.

International Firefighters' Day 2020
Firefighters’ Day 2020 History, Traditions and Quotes

After this, many people became firefighters, and each year on May 04, everyone celebrates this event and pays tribute to all those who lost their lives in this duty.

The date of May 04 was chosen for the day, as it is the feast day of Saint Florian. Who happens to be the leader saint of firefighters. Saint Florian (commander of the firefighters in the Roman Empire also died while performing his duty.

Traditions of Firefighters’ Day:

On this day, individuals use a representative red and blue lace identification. These two hues indicate the primary elements of a fireman’s work. 

The red shading represents fire, while the blue is for water. The blend of red and blue is always described for an emergency.

Moreover, 30-second firefighters’ siren is used on this day, and then everyone remains silent for one minute in honor of those who sacrificed for us.

International Firefighters' Day 2020
Firefighters’ day

Inspirational quotes about Firefighters’ Day:

  • Fredric G. W. Fenn said that in any case, out loud the commendations, and give the victor-crown. To our respectable hearted Firemen, who dread not threat’s scowl.
  • The modern leader has to become a firefighter and arsonist. (Paul Sloane)
  • Firefighters never die. They only burn perpetually in the hearts of the individuals whose lives they saved. (Susan Diane Murphree)
  • Each firefighter understands that he is continuously helpless to this sort of disaster. They go to work each day, realizing that they are accomplishing something so sure that individuals truly regard them and value them. (Thomas Von Essen)

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