Is International Lesbian Day encourages entire community to get together?

International Lesbian Day celebrates lesbian culture. This day is mainly celebrated in New Zealand and Australia. And is marked by gay community activities.

The celebration dance was held in Australia. ACON used this day to launch its “Lesbian Health Strategy” and the Australian magazine “Lesbians On the Loose” used this date to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The exact source of the holiday is unknown

According to records, it started on the International Women’s Day, Lesbian Day in New Zealand on March 8, 1980. Other accounts say that this day began in the 1990s.

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How to observe

The League of Lesbians and Lesbian Rights celebrates this day. Although this day is mainly celebrated in Australia and New Zealand. You can check if any events are happening in the community or you can organize your own events.

You can support lesbian rights by donating to groups such as the National Lesbian Rights Center. This day can also be marked by watching lesbian-themed documentaries and watching lesbian-themed movies.

Why celebrate on International Lesbian Day

The International Lesbian Day on October 8th is a day for lesbians all over the world to celebrate the story, diversity, and culture of lesbians.

The day is recognized every year, and for women, families, and friends. This is an excellent opportunity to get together, build connections, celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of the community. We do not know the exact source of International Lesbian Day. However, it is almost certain that this started in our region.

Some people say that this day began in 1980 when a lesbian parade was held in New Zealand. Others say that this day began in the 1990s. 1990 was Australia’s first recognized International Lesbian Day. On October 13, the event was held at Collingwood Town Hall in Melbourne.

In the afternoon there will be musicians, market stalls and readings, and in the evening there will be women dancing with live bands.

Encourage the entire community to get together

Then, a celebration will be held in Melbourne. Or around October 8th for several years to increase the visibility of lesbians, discuss and entertain them, and strongly demonstrate their unity.

In the past few years, the company has held celebrations throughout the day, including festivals, fairs, and parties to celebrate lesbians and allies. Encourage the entire community to get together at their own events, or support the community by donating to charities that support lesbians.

International Lesbian Day is all-inclusive. This is a day shared by lesbians and the Lesbian Rights League.

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