iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 what they need to improve

Judging from the rumours we have heard so far, even though leakers and rumour spreaders have detailed the upgrade. It seems that there are still many iPhone 12s in the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

Main difference:

In the first two “Max” versions of the iPhone, the only difference between it and the smaller models is its display size and battery capacity.
However, in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple provides a better camera than the iPhone 12 Pro, increasing the optical zoom from 2x to 2.5x, and adding a sensor displacement stabilization function to the main camera instead of the usual OIS.

As a fan of Apple’s small form factor phones, I don’t like that these excellent features did not appear on my iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 13 liberate date, price, stipulation, and leaks

Galaxy Note fans petition Samsung to abandon the Galaxy S22. I haven’t bought the largest iPhone in the past because I like to use a smaller phone as my daily driver. It’s easier to put in my pocket.
I can use the handset with one hand, and it’s cheaper. In return, I accept that the screen is not that impressive, so the battery will be smaller.
Having a low-quality camera because I chose the Pro instead of the Pro Max model, which is contrary to the model established by Apple when it launched the Max label.

Iphone 13

“Plus” version of Apple:

Apple has done this before. A few years ago, starting with iPhone 6 and iPhone 8, Apple did provide a “Plus” version of each iPhone model. These were initially larger models like the Max models, but in the end, the Plus phones were equipped with an additional camera, which in some cases had more RAM than the basic phones.

Apple is better than others:

Although this name has obviously been eliminated since 2017, perhaps it should be restored last year to show that the largest available iPhone 12 Pro is better than other Pro models.
Although it may be troublesome to call the phone “Pro Plus”, I think it better represents the difference between the two iPhone 12 Pro models.

However, we do not until now recognize whether the iPhone 13 Pro Max will go on to make available a more dominant zoom function.
There are reports that Apple is developing a folding periscope camera for the iPhone 13, but it is not clear which models will get this upgrade.

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