Iron man VR maybe an exclusive release but, it won’t hold player interest

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Iron Man an exclusive release:

playstation vr
Iron Man an exclusive release

Iron man VR maybe an exclusive release in the history of gaming. Sony prepared an iron man VR bundle that includes all the hardware of PlayStation VR. sony also prepared a bundle of motion controllers. it may be a hit in the history of gaming.

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it is still facing a shortage of iron man VR moves controller, but this is not complete yet.

marvel combined its intellectual property with virtual reality. At the start of the game, initially,

a player has guided through suits abilities with some flying lessons around the tony stark multimillion-dollar estate.

playstation vr
playstation vr

the player flies like an iron man, a player can arch his hand and his repulsor rays are ready to blast the next opponent.

after some practice players will become pro and ready to blast drones and dash up the robot and can punch it with its iron hand.

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This game also helps a player to see where is he going. and show some motion control buttons that help him to control all of his activity and upcoming move. It feels like an iron man, you don’t believe me? go and give it a try you will love it I assure you…. in this game, I played for half an hour. its multi-tasking and multi-axis movement are more combative than real.

playstation vr
playstation vr : Iron Man Vr

Iron Man VR metacritic:

you can customize the weapons, you’ll end up depending upon loads out that you are most adequate with. also, a repulse beam missiles, are not quite fit in this iron man VR maybe it is because of long-range attacks. if you watched the iron man series and comic books you will see there is a huge match in this game.

the villains of this game are called ghosts. the presence of ghost reminds us that it is not easy to move on. this game needs improvement

Iron man VR review:

I personally think this lower chapter game could have been cut off without much loss. it is longer than Batman Arkham VR but it’s not as interesting as it could be. it won’t hold anybody interest.

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