Is “Blue Monday” real?|Depressed Day?

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The ‘Blue Monday‘ is the name of the third day of January. But most of the people say that the ‘Blue Monday‘ is the most depressing day of the year. Is it a true statement or just a PR stunt? 

Is "Blue Monday" real?

No wonder, ‘Blue Monday’ is supposedly the most depressing day of the year – have traveled again on our calendars. This concept was developed in 2004 by psychologist Cliff Arnall. 

He gave a formula for the January Blues, and he claimed to have calculated the most miserable date using an equation. A travel firm named “Sky Travel”, asked Cliff Arnall to identify the sad day of the year, because in this way they wanted to use this phrase to promote their winter deals and to encourage people to spend their winter holidays abroad. But most scientists would agree that date is not significant enough to modify our mood.  

Formula for Calculation

Where W stands for the weather, T= time since Christmas, d= debt, D= monthly salary, Q= time since you gave up your new year’s resolutions, Na= the feeling of a need to take action and M= low motivational levels.

The factors he included, none of them can be measured or compared. This formula cannot be verified. For instance, we cannot measure the number of days since people gave up on their new year’s resolution. And also the weather of January changes according to different countries, continents, and states. But later, Cliff Arnall confessed that basically, the formula is according to pseudoscience. He has also claimed to campaign against his idea of ‘Blue Monday’ as a member of an “activist group” Stop Blue Monday. 

Wall’s ice cream also paid Cliff Arnall to identify the happiest day of the year in a press release. Last year that fell on the 19th of June. Despite the criticism, he said that he had no regrets; on his decision as he earned £1,650, just for identifying sad (Blue Monday) and the happiest day of the year.


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