Is Fahad Mustafa your nominee for Sports Influencer of the year?

Fahad Salahuddin, better known as Fahad Mustafa, is nominated for Sports Influencer of the year 2020.

Do you also think that Fahad, whose name doesn’t need any introduction will be honored with the title of ‘Sports Influencer of the year’?

Fahad Mustafa is nominated for Sports Influencer of the year
Fahad Mustafa is nominated for Sports Influencer of the year

Because sports cannot thrive merely on hardcore sporting fans and it needs to be promoted through to a casual market.

And for those promotions of sports which is done through the work of influencer is necessary.

How he deserves the title ‘Sports Influencer of the year’

This Pakistani film and television actor, Fahad Mustafa is nominated for the post of influencer this year.

Because he played a huge role in the promotion of sports by regularly posting about sports on his social media platform.

Along with Fahad Mustafa, Misbah Hina, Mehwish Hayat, Amir Khan, Shan Shahid, and Ebba Qureshi is also nominated.

This is seen through the tweet of Pakistan Sports Award that Fahad Mustafa is frequently seen tweeting in support of our athletes especially The Real PCB.

Fahad Mustafa retweeted Pakistan Sports Award’s tweet along with one of his great fans tweet on his official account.

This fan, who is also an admirer of Iqrar ul Hassan wrote, “Mai hoon Sitara Jo totty na kabhi, GATORADE Pakistan Sports Awards 2021, Fahad Mustafa (Nominee)

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Do you know Fahad is one of the most recognizable faces of Pakistan and adored by many?

It is observed that Fahad also loves to play cricket, scored 3 centuries in the last 2 years.

Fahad has a huge fan following mostly gained from the show (Jeeto Pakistan) he hosts and has a huge platform.

Due to his enormous idolaters and devotees, he can easily work for the promotion of the sport.

Back in 2019, he played a game of cricket at the 7th Corporate T20 cup and scored a century.

In this year, 2020, he played more than 15 matches where he scored 6 half-centuries and 2 centuries against reputed club teams.

Many replied to the tweet and showed love for Fahad by saying that he is the pride of the nation and deserves the Award.

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