Justice Department says Roger Stone should go to prison during a pandemic

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is roger stone in prison
is roger stone in prison?

Is Roger Stone in Prison?

The US Department of Justice stated that due to this epidemic situation, US Republican agent Roger Stone has requested that his sentence be postponed for 60 days.

This request is no longer established, and the US Department of Justice has expressed no support for it.

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Stone was sentenced to 40 months’ imprisonment for lying to Congress during the Russian investigation.

Washington Court

He has asked the Washington Court of Appeal for the United States to allow him on September 3 instead of July 14. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman to report to the prison. Jackson agreed to extend it after two weeks.

On Thursday, the Justice Department told the Court of Appeal that, out of respect for Jackson’s authority in this case, the Justice Department was withdrawing its previous support for Stone’s request, saying she had given due consideration to Stone’s threat to witnesses and incitement against jurors. 

President Donald Trump

stone asked president Donald Trump to reduce his speech which would allow him to remain free while appealing his conviction.

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The Justice Department said it supports Jackson’s discovery that the basic medical conditions cited by Stone to prove his requirements are “medically controlled” and does not necessarily make the 67-year-old younger person more susceptible to the virus. The United States pointed out that his own doctor said that the risk was speculation.

government did not object to the appellant’s 60-day extension request

the United States said.

“Although the government did not object to the appellant’s 60-day extension request, the district court’s independent decision to extend the appellant’s surrender period by 14 days is the court’s overall discretion based on facts and legal circumstances,”

Stone did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

Stone, an early Trump supporter, has appealed his conviction and argued that the judge and jury were biased against him.

He also accused the biased prosecutor of misconduct and tried to compare his case with the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Even after the former Trump official pleaded guilty, the Justice Department canceled the prosecution against him in May.

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