Is Technology the answer to Covid-19?

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One way or the other experts say we need to live with it!

It is clear that until we don’t have a vaccine, we need to live with the virus and keep practicing social distancing with the maximum use of technology to protect us from the virus.

It is up to the technology experts to come up with a creative solution and protect humanity from the deadly virus. As the world saw a boom in the subscription of video calls apps. E-commerce and grocery delivery apps are also becoming people’s favorites.

It is being said that the greatest mistake that the man can make in the time of turbulence is not to act with the turbulence, but with the logic, he just learned yesterday.

While many businesses are going to shut down their offices and offices due to massive cut downs in sales, others are looking forward to making the best out of these times by coming up with the best applications and products one can imagine.

This situation is changing the way we use technology, but it is also changing the way we look up at the world. This rapid change would improve our perspective on how we look at things, but it would also help us broaden our creativity.

There is a great blessing in every disaster, but one should have the eye to look it that way. After the COVID, the world would move into cash-less technologies, and we are looking forward to a world where everything is cash-less and people adopting technology at a fast pace.

5G Technology would play a vital role in this. Data transfer would be faster than ever before. According to experts, the transmission of data would be cheaper and more efficient, and people would be more prone to use such technologies to make their lives better than before.

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