Is the Breakup of Lil Durk and India Royal Confirmed by an Instagram Star’s Cryptic Post?

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Fans of 29-year-old musician Lil Durk and 27-year-old social media personality India Royale believe the couple has split after Royale posted many mysterious messages online.

Before becoming engaged in December 2021, the couple had dated for a total of four years. According to XXL, they also have a daughter who was born in October 2018.

But if fan rumors and Royale’s recent online statements and behavior are any indication, the wedding may be canceled. Newsweek has reached out to the representatives of Lil Durk and Royale for comment.

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Royale deleted photos of herself with Lil Durk from her Instagram account over the weekend.

Fans also observed that Royale was no longer following Lil Durk. As of Monday, September 12, Durk continues to pursue Royale.

The duo was notorious for showing their affection for one another online and in public. The Music Times stated that Lil Durk got a tattoo of Royale’s face on his lower calf and that she bought him an extravagant eternity bracelet.

Durk has also devoted numerous tracks to Royale and sang about her cosmetics company in Drake’s song “In the Bible,” rapping: “India Royale cosmetic, I’m just promoting my b*/Drake song do a billion streams for sure, I’m just promoting her s/

Then, on September 11, Royale tweeted the mysterious message “I’m a free agent,” which led admirers to believe she was single.

After the tweet was sent, the couple’s supporters began expressing their regret that their love may have ended.

One fan said, “If you and Durk aren’t together anymore, I’m going to stop dating because the two of you were the last hope I had left in love.”

Durk and Royale met in 2017, and on December 18, 2021, during WGCI’s Big Jam concert in their hometown of Chicago, Durk proposed to the social media and beauty mogul.

He knelt on one knee before the audience and proclaimed, “I love you to death.” You supported me when I was going through a difficult time.”

Then Durk asked, “You’ve been the most genuine to me. Do you want to be my wife? ” followed by a very expected “yes” from Royale.

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In October 2018, they welcomed their first daughter together, Willow Banks. Royale also has a daughter from a previous relationship, and Durk is also the father of sons Angelo, Zayden, and Du’mier and girls Bella, Skyler, and Skyler.

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