Is the Polio and Tb vaccine the new savior for the people suffering from Covid?

As the world has been trying, it’s best to fight the Covid-19. A ray of hope has been given to the people in the form of TB and polio vaccine.

Scientists from London have recently verified that the vaccines used for the treatment of Polio and Tb can provide limited protection against the deadly virus.

Tests are being conducted rigorously to validate whether both of these vaccines are fruitful against the deadly virus as the Polio vaccine was found to be effective against the deadly virus.

The vaccine that has been developed against Tuberculosis and Polio was found to protect people against the deadly pathogens and viruses. These have been used by thousands of people worldwide.

The vaccine of the deadly TB is known as bacillus Calmette-Guerin and is known as a shorthand name BCG. In contrast, the tuberculosis vaccine trials have been started in the United States, Netherlands, and Australia.

But on the other hand, Brazil has seen an extensive- outbreak in the COVID virus despite using the vaccine made for the BCG.

But in Israel, things are quite different than other parts of the part. The BCG vaccine was made necessary for all the newborns around the country.
The vaccine was made necessary because of the National Immunization program Between 1955 and 1982.

There has been no significant difference between the people who take it and who don’t. But the health officials also added that the only way to test the theory is through rigorous testing.

Michael J. Buchmeier, A professor from California state university, added that these vaccines, which are being widely used by people and have not been stated to be the authorized treatment can also backfire and can cause serious health complications in the long run.

The vaccine can make the immune system so secure that it can cause an effect as a cytokine storm can have a catastrophic impact on the body.

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