Quick Israeli airstrikes in southern Gaza city as hostages receive medicine

Residents of Khan Younis in southern Gaza are reporting a harrowing night, facing one of the most intense bouts of airstrikes since the beginning of Israel’s offensive.

"State of panic" reported at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, seen from Rafah.
“State of panic” reported at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, seen from Rafah.

picture depict the night sky illuminated by the flames from Israeli airstrikes, accompanied by the echoing sounds of bombings and gunfire throughout the city.

Displaced families are fleeing from a nearby hospital as the conflict draws closer to the urban center.

Meanwhile, medicines are being dispatched for Israeli hostages held by Hamas, in exchange for additional aid for Palestinian civilians under a Qatar-mediated agreement.

The White House states that Qatar has facilitated “very serious, extensive discussions” regarding a potential new hostage release deal, with the involvement of a US envoy.

Yasser Zaqzouq, sheltering with his family at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, This is the loudest sound of armed clashes [between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters] that I’ve ever heard.”

The sight of airstrikes was completely new to us, and it instilled sheer terror in us. The atmosphere was haunting, with children screaming and crying in fear.

According to Tariq Dahlan, a local journalist, the displaced individuals in the hospital are gripped by a state of panic. People are desperately fleeing from the area, heading towards the West. However, uncertainty looms as nobody knows where they are headed and what destiny awaits them.

It is reported that Israeli tanks are just meters away from the hospital.

On Wednesday, the Jordanian army revealed that its military field hospital in Khan Younis had suffered significant damage due to Israeli shelling in the area. The Jordanian army holds Israel responsible for a “flagrant breach of international law.”

The UN indicates that the conflict has displaced around 85% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people, many of whom are now crowded into shelters and struggling to obtain basic supplies.

In a collective statement, a group of UN special rapporteurs conveyed, At present, every individual in Gaza is experiencing hunger, with a quarter of the population facing starvation and grappling to secure food and potable water. The threat of famine is looming.”

Israel’s Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, has stated that the intense phase of Israel’s military operations against Hamas in the south of Gaza, including Khan Younis, is expected to “soon” wind down, where it is believed that local leaders of the armed group may be hiding.

UN warns of potential closure for Khan Younis' Nasser Hospital amid nearby hostilities.
UN warns of potential closure for Khan Younis’ Nasser Hospital amid nearby hostilities.

He mentioned that the military had already increased its targeted operations in the northern region during the initial stages of its ground offensive there.

However, the recent return of Israeli tanks to parts of the north, which ground forces had previously vacated, has led some Gazans who were planning to return home to reconsider.

Israeli military officials have consistently affirmed that the conflict will persist for several months.

Qatar now asserts that medicines are being transported from Doha to El-Arish in northern Egypt to reach Gaza, as part of an agreement brokered between Israel and Hamas.

While this plan was previously announced, it appears to have been delayed due to logistical issues.

The exact means by which the medicines will reach the remaining 45 or more Israeli hostages, reported to be suffering from chronic illnesses or in need of life-saving drugs, remains unclear.

The office of the Israeli Prime Minister stated that “Qatari representatives in the Gaza Strip” would be involved, and it is believed that the International Committee of the Red Cross may play a role.

The agreement is said to include a significant increase in medicines for Palestinians.

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On Tuesday, White House spokesperson John Kirby expressed optimism that a new agreement to release the hostages could be reached soon in exchange for laying down weapons.

Both Qatar and Egypt, key mediators, have recently proposed plans that could lead to the hostages’ release in exchange for a cessation of hostilities.

satellite data maps damage in southern Gaza.



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