Israel attacks Al Aqsa Masjid just after the announcement of ceasefire! Here’s the whole story.

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict is one of the world’s most tragic conflicts which have killed tons of people of Palestine. From the past month, Israel have started attacking Palestine again by shelling bombs, launches rockets and missiles on the innocent Muslims of Palestine. The tragedy started when the news came in that Israel has attacked on Al Aqsa masjid which is the third holiest place for Muslims, which got attacked while Muslims were praying and following their usual rituals of their holy month Ramadan.

Ceasefire announced between Israel-Palestine Conflict:

After several attacks the Israel armed forces has now announced ceasefire and has stopped attacking Palestine as the whole world boycotts them for supporting embroilment and hostility against innocent Muslim Palestine. All the Israeli brands are being boycotted from all the Muslim countries and many other countries banned their imports and suspend all kind of relations with Israel. Except America, Canada and Australia who was supporting Israel and claiming them as Victims of the Israel-Palestine Conflicts but today the whole world knew who is victim and assailant. According to Palestine health minister, 243 people were killed during these 20 days and 12 Israelis died.

Ceasefire broke by Israel police and again attacked on Al Aqsa Masjid:

On May 21, 2021 while announcing for ceasefire many of the Israel soldiers ran towards Al Aqsa Masjid as they have something more for Palestinians. They started attacking the Muslims and mosque by firing rubber bullets and stun grenades and broke the ceasefire within 12 hours of agreeing to a truce.

Israel attacks Al Aqsa Masjid just after the announcement of ceasefire

It was the noon time when Muslims were gathered to perform their Friday prayers. The most startle thing was that they started attacking and firing without any provocation from innocent civilians.

Israeli Propaganda for breaking Ceasefire:

Israelis being Israelis said in a statement “Hundreds of people threw rocks and petrol bombs at police officers who responded at the scene and began dispersing the rioters. Units responded and entered the Temple Mount area. They are dealing with these disturbances in order to contain the situation… Police units are at the scene” said an officer.

Muslim Palestinian at Al Aqsa Masjid.

Moreover a Palestinian present at the moment confirms that there was no provocation by Palestine and it was Israel police officers who started attacking and mosque by firing rubber bullets and stun grenades and broke the ceasefire and in defense the Muslim Palestinians threw stones on the police. It was clearly seen that how Israeli hated Muslims and how desperately they wanted to snatch the land of Palestinians. While offering Friday prayers which is the most religious ritual Muslim follows every Friday and attacking them at that time clearly shows hoe execrate and abominate they are towards Palestinian Muslims.

Controversial statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel:

After the ceasefire, prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu also has word to tell people. He tweeted that the Israel’s 11 day bombardment on the Muslim nation Palestine is a great success for them as they taught them some lessons and will not be able to stand beside them. He said “We achieved our goals in the operation and also the public doesn’t know everything about Israel’s gains in the operation and neither does Hamas. It was all done well”

In an reply an Hamas political bureau’s senior manager Ezzat El-Reshiq said “It is true the battle ends today but (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and the whole world should know that our hands are on the trigger and we will continue to grow the capabilities of this resistance,”

People’s reaction on Ceasefire:

Many people reacted on ceasefire including various politicians and celebrities who took the sigh of relief that the Israel is not continuing the conflict to the war and now no more innocent Palestinian will be dying. Many people took their social media accounts to express their feelings regarding this news. Many of them were supporting Palestine but Israel also has many supporters. The American president Joe Biden also supported Israel during these 11 days bombardment.

Similarly Canadians also supported Israel and feels that Israel needs justice and all that happened was done in a defense by Israel.

Many Muslim countries and their politicians also congratulated Palestine for finally settling down for peace by Israel. Pakistan’s Foreign minister also congratulates Palestine for the patience they have showed throughout and said “This is the power of collective, unified action; this is the effort of every person and every nation, together for a just cause,”


Many of the people all over the world protest for the rights of Palestine and trend the hashtag #FREEPALESTINE #SAVEGAZA all over the internet to let the world know that they are aware of every brutality occurring in Palestinians by Israel armed forces. Many celebrities and big faces also participated in these march supporting Palestine.

Muslims of Palestine are celebrating this day as Israel ceasefire and took their steps back but this is not enough for them, they are demanding for their rights to have electricity, to have food, to lift restrictions on imports and exports and most important they want an accord for their family’s safety in Gaza.


We hope and pray that all the lose Palestinians has during this 11 days bombardment shall be fulfilled soon and may they again start progressing the reconstruction in GAZA. What they have gone through we can’t even imagine but at least you can still raise voice for their freedom! We hope Israel will prefer peace over destruction.

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