Israel-Palestine Conflict: How Israel is attacking Palestine and bombed Media Tower of Gaza!

Danish Aejaz
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Egotistical Israel wanted to capture all the areas of Palestine in fact the whole state under them. They have started killing innocent Muslim Palestinians including children. They don’t want the world to know about what is happening in Palestine had and their reputation in front of the world got destructed.

The Israeli military attack on some regions of Gaza, which were high-rise housing, the offices of media as well as the Associated Press. Many media personalities and journalist protested and requested world to speak for the injustice that they are being facing by Israel.

The airstrike destroyed a 12-story building that additionally contained various residential flats. Journalists and many different tenants went in the state of panic, once they received a warning an hour before the missiles smitten, and no casualties are reportable. The Israel armed forces told them to leave the building as it will be under airstrike anytime.

“We left the elevator for the elderly and for the children to evacuate and we were all running down the stairs and whoever could help children took them down. I myself helped two children of the residents there and I took them downstairs everyone was just running quickly.” Palestinian Journalist said.

Media Tower of Gaza Bombed

The Committee to shield Journalists demanded a “detailed and documented justification” for the airstrike, as there would nothing suspicious or something that it might represent a violation of law.

Al Jazeera journalists continued to broadcast live as their offices were exhausted. Footage from the network showed the building’s owner beggary for the airstrikes to be delayed ten minutes so reporters might go within the limited time and grab all their storage such as cameras and other expensive equipment.

“Just give me 15 minutes. We have a lot of equipment, including the cameras, other things. I can bring all of it out.” pleaded the journalist to an Israeli officer.

Jawad Mahdi who was the owner of the building all requested for more time as many of expensive storage were still inside the building. “All I’m asking is to let four people to go inside and get their cameras. We respect your wishes, we will not do it if you don’t allow it, but give us 10 minutes.” Hearing this request officer replied in a very punk manner “There will be no 10 minutes. No one is allowed to enter the building, we already gave you an hour to evacuate.”

Earlier on, Israeli airstrikes additionally destroyed 2 workplace buildings in town that housed quite a dozen media shops, as well as Palestinian newspaper Felestin and pro-Hamas broadcaster Sabq24 press agency, in line with the Committee to shield Journalists. The attack additionally destroyed the workplace of the Forum of Palestinian Journalists and some press.

A tower housing, Al Jazeera offices collapses after Israeli missile strikes in Gaza city Credits REUTERS

Israel defended those airstrikes by claiming that Islamic Resistance Movement maintained offices within the buildings, and oral communication that the journalists had been given a warning to evacuate. One of the reason Israel don’t wanted any media forum to be establish in Palestine as they are scared of their image in front of the world where they wanted to get accepted. By seeing their real faces no country will accept them that is why they wanted to secretly kill all the Muslims of Palestine and rule over the whole state.

Many of the countries that are against Muslims are still supporting Israel after these brutal attacks on Palestine including many people and especially many innocent children are been killed in this bomb shelling and airstrikes from Israel. What are your opinions is Israel will be successful in cutting off the connection of the world with the people of Palestine or the war will continue for further more years as up till now they have killed many Palestinians in Gaza but still couldn’t rule there for once!

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