It seems a clash between the Hollywood stars and WWE legends Dave Batista and the Rock

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It seems a clash between the Hollywood stars and WWE legends Dave Batista and the Rock Johnson. Dave Bautista’s current statement shows that the iconic Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is not a great actor it’s jealousy or any other thing that is going on right here.

His statement is kinda confusing, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson was the best actor who was the highest-paid this year and he was considered in the first in the list of highest-paid actors. 15-year-old Dave Bautista was widely praised for his performance in the guardians of the galaxy with fans now looking forward to seeing his latest film Dune and Some tv shows.

John Cena is now enjoying this is cess on his silver screen who was also a wrestler in WWE but now he is an actor. The rock and John Cena were the wrestlers, become movie stars now. And now Dave Bautista is also taking place in this race to become a good actor.

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Dave Bautista statement

Dave Bautista after his retirement returned in acting and recently he claimed that:

 “The rock was a movie star before he was even a movie star there’s something about it that’s very special and never take away from him. But, he isn’t seems is an actor to me. Bautista added and explaining his reasoning I want good roses I don’t care about fast and furious 9 and bumblebee. I want to be in Dune I want to work with Dennis value, want to work with Sam Adams and your posture. I am a good actor and I am proud to be an actor. I want the respect and trustworthiness and wisdom that I deserve. Dave Bautista statement clearly shows that he is not accepting the rock as an actor and he is characterized as a better actor. The rock achievements are getting higher and higher these days but on the other hand, Dave Bautista is not stopping himself to try again and get good results. No doubt he is working hard to get good results and appreciation.

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